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avs.3.31 [0303102] May Pavamana free from harm, and Sakra from unrighteous deed.
avs.4.11 [0401104] The Ox pours milk out in the world of virtue: in earliest time, he, Pavamana, swells it.
avs.6.19 Cleanse me all creatures that exist! may Pavamana make me pure.
avs.6.19 [0601902] May Pavamana make me pure for wisdom and for power and life, and unassailed security. [p. a208]
avs.9.7 [0900708] Indrani is the hinder parts, Vayu the tail, Pavamana the hair.
avs.10.2 And Pavamana hovered from his head on high above his brain.
avs.10.8 There stood the mighty measurer of the region: into the ver dant plants went Pavamana.
avs.11.7 [1100706] Within the Residue, like babes unborn, the parts of sacrifice, Aindragne Pavamana lie, Mahanamni, Mahavrata.
avs.15.2 Present and Future are his running footmen, mind is his war chariot, Matarisvan and Pavamana are they who draw it, Vita is his charioteer, Storm his goad, Fame and Glory are his harbingers.
avs.15.15 [1501506] His fourth vital breath, called Pervading is this Pavamana.
avs.15.18 [1501803] His right ear is Agni and his left ear is Pavamana.
avs.17.1 [1700113] Grant us protection, Indra, with that body of thine that is on earth, in fire, in waters, That dwells within light finding Pavamana, wherewith thou hast pervaded air s mid region.

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