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avs.3.5 [0300501] This Parna Amulet hath come, strong and destroying with its strength my rivals.
avs.3.5 [0300502] O Parna Amulet, in me set firmly might and opulence.
avs.3.5 [0300504] As Indra s gift, by Varuna instructed, Parna hath come, the mighty strength of Soma: This would I, brightly shining, love and cherish for long life lasting through a hundred autumns.
avs.3.5 [0300505] The Parna Charm hath come to me for great security from ill.
avs.3.5 [0300506] Sagacious builders of the car, cleaver and skilful artisans, Make all the men on every side, Parna, obedient to my will
avs.3.5 [0300507] The kings and makers of the kings, troop leaders, masters of the horse, Make all the men on every side, Parna, obedient to my will.
avs.3.5 [0300508] Thou, Parna, art my body s guard, man kin my birth to me a man.
avs.5.5 [0500505] Thou springest from blest Plaxa, or Asvattha, Dhava, Khadira, Parna, or blest Nyagrodha, so come thou to use, Arundhati!
avs.18.4 [1800453] The royal Parna is the caldrons cover: strength have we gained, force, power, and might, and vigour.

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