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avs.4.11 Let him not, with good sons, pass off in vapour who hath not eaten of the Ox with knowledge.
avs.4.11 [0401104] The Ox pours milk out in the world of virtue: in earliest time, he, Pavamana, swells it.
avs.4.11 [0401109] He whosoever knows the seven exhaustless pourings of the Ox, Wins himself offspring and the world: the great Seven Rishis know this well.
avs.4.11 [0401110] With feet subduing weariness, with legs extracting freshening draughts, Through toil the plougher and the Ox approach the honeyed beverage.
avs.4.11 [0401111] Assigned are these twelve nights, they say, as holy to Prajapati: Whoever knows their proper prayer performs the service of the Ox.
avs.12.2 [1200248] Seize with firm hold the Ox who boundeth forward: he will uplift you from disgrace and trouble. [p. 87] Enter this ship of Savitar; let us flee from poverty over all the six expenses.

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