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avs.4.9 [0400909] Sprung from the Snowy Mountain s side, this Ointment of the Three peaked hill.
avs.19.44 [1904401] Thou art the lengthening of life, thy name is Universal Cure: Then, Ointment! send felicity; Waters, send happiness and peace.
avs.19.44 [1904402] The yellow hue, the feverish heat, the shooting pain that rends II the limbs, All the consumptive malady let the Ointment drive from out thy frame.
avs.19.44 [1904406] Gods Ointment from the Three Peaked Hill, preserve thou me on every side.
avs.19.45 [1904503] Increasing from the Waters strength and vigour, sprung into life from Agni Jatavedas, Strong as four heroes, mountain born, this Ointment make for thee quarters and mind points auspicious!
avs.19.45 [1904504] On thee is laid the Chaturvira Ointment: let all the regions give thee peace and safety.

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