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avs.1.31 [0103102] Ye, Guardians of the regions, Gods who keep the quarters of the heavens, Rescue and free us from the bonds of Nirriti, from grief and woe!
avs.2.10 Away pass Nirriti, away Consumption! From family sickness, kinsmen s curse, Destruction, from Druh, from Varuna s noose I thus release thee.
avs.2.25 [0202501] The Goddess Prisniparni hath blest us, and troubled Nirriti.
avs.3.6 [0300605] Nirriti bind them with the bonds of Death which never may be loosed. [p. a72] Mine enemies, Asvattha! those who hate me and whom I detest.
avs.5.7 [0500709] To her the mighty vast in size, who penetrates all points of space, To her mine homage have I paid, Nirriti with her golden hair.
avs.6.63 [0606301] That collar round thy neck, not to be loosened, which Nirriti the Goddess bound and fastened, I loose for thy long life and strength and vigour.
avs.6.63 [0606302] To thee, sharp pointed Nirriti, be homage! Loose thou the binding fetters wrought of iron.
avs.7.64 Which the black Raven with thy mouth, O Nirriti, hath wiped away.
avs.8.4 [0800409] Those who destroy, as is their wont, the simple, and with their evil natures harm the righteous, May Soma give them over to the serpent, or to the lap of Nirriti consign them.
avs.9.5 [0900518] The Goat Panchaudana, when cooked, transporteth, repelling Nirriti, to the world of Svarga.
avs.11.8 [1100819] Sleep, specially, Sloth, Nirriti, and deities whose name is Sin, Baldness, old age, and hoary hairs within the body found their way.
avs.14.2 Vain is the hope, O Nirriti, that brought thee.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of Nirriti, etc.
avs.18.3 [1800326] Dhatar with Nirriti save me from southward, etc.
avs.19.44 From snares of Nirriti do thou, O Nirriti, deliver us.
avs.19.45 So let the Chaturvira keep us guarded from the four bonds of Nirriti and Grahi.

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