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avs.3.16 [0301607] May the kind Mornings dawn on us for ever with, wealth of kine, of horses, and of heroes.
avs.7.82 [0708205] Agni hath looked upon the spring of Mornings, looked on the days, the earliest Jatavedas.
avs.17.1 [1700130] On every side let Agni guard and keep me; the rising Sun drive off the snares of Mrityu! [p. 173] Let brightly flushing Mornings, firm set mountains, and lives a thousand be with me united.
avs.18.1 [1800127] Agni hath looked upon the van of Mornings, and on the days.
avs.18.1 [1800128] Agni hath looked against the van of Mornings, against the days the earliest Jatavedas; In many a place against the beams of Surya, against the heavens and earth hath he extended. [p. 177]
avs.18.3 [1800343] Lapped in the bosom of the purple Mornings, give riches to the man who brings oblations.
avs.19.10 Mornings be propitious.
avs.19.49 May we through Mornings as they flush have all our good men, round us, and become possessors of all wealth.

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