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avs.5.4 [0500402] Brought from the Snowy Mountain, born on the high hill where eagles breed, Men seek to buy thee when they hear: for Fever s Banisher they know.
avs.8.8 [0800815] Gandharvas, and Apsarases, Gods, Serpents, Fathers, Holy Men, Seen and unseen, I send them forth that they may strike this army dead.
avs.10.2 [1000232] Men deep in lore of Brahma know that Animated Being which Dwells in the golden treasure chest that hath three spokes and three supports.
avs.10.7 [1000721] Men count as it were a thing supreme nonentity s conspicuous branch; And lower man who serve thy branch regard it as an entity.
avs.10.7 [1000728] Men know Hiranyagarbha as supreme and inexpressible: In the beginning, in the midst of the world, Skambha poured that gold.
avs.10.8 [1000843] Men versed in sacred knowledge know that living Being that abides.
avs.12.1 Men, mortals, live upon the earth by food in their accustomed way.
avs.13.1 Men kindle common Agni: him only the higher sages know.
avs.18.1 Men born on earth tread their own paths that lead them whither our ancient Fathers have departed.
avs.20.26 [2002606] Thou, making light where no light was, and form, O Men! where form was not, Wast born together with the Dawns.
avs.20.33 Men in the house who share the sacred banquet stand singing praise that brings them store of children.
avs.20.47 [2004712] Thou, making light where no light was, and form, O Men r where no form was, Wast born together with the Dawns,
avs.20.52 [2005202] Men, Vasu! by the Soma, with lauds call thee to the foremost place.
avs.20.57 [2005715] Men, Vasu, by the Soma with lauds call thee to the foremost place.
avs.20.67 upon your way with ornaments, yea, our friends, Sitting on sacred grass, ye sons of Bharata, drink Soma from the Potar s bowl, O Men of heaven.
avs.20.76 [2007605] Speed happily those, as Surya ends his journey, who meet his wish as bridegrooms meet their spouses; Men who support, O Indra strong by nature, with food the many songs that tell thy praises. [p. 327]
avs.20.91 [2009110] When he had won him strength of every nature and gone to heaven and its most lofty mansions, [p. 337] Men praised Brihaspati the mighty, bringing the light within their mouths from sundry places.
avs.20.99 [2009901] Men with their lauds are urging thee, Indra, to drink the Soma first.
avs.20.102 [2010202] Agni is kindled as a Bull, like a horse bearer of the Gods; Men with oblations worship him.
avs.20.104 Men skilled in holy hymns, bright with the hues of fire, have sung them with their lauds to thee.
avs.20.125 [2012503] Men come not with one horse at sacred seasons; thus they obtain no honour in assemblies.
avs.20.126 [2012601] Men have abstained from pouring juice; nor counted Indra as a God.

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