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avs.5.10 [0501008] With Brihat I invoke the mind, with Matarisvan both the breaths, The eye from Surya, and the ear from Air, the body from the Earth. [p. a166] We, with Sarasvati who suits the mind, call Speech to come to us.
avs.5.17 [0501701] These first, the boundless Sea, and Matarisvan, fierce glowing Fire, the Strong, the Bliss bestower, And heavenly Floods, first born by holy Order, exclaimed against the outrage on a Brahman.
avs.8.1 [0800105] Purely for thee breathe Wind and Matarisvan, and let the Waters rain on thee their nectar.
avs.10.7 [1000702] Out of which member glows the light of Agni? Form which proceeds the breath of Matarisvan? From which doth Chandra measure out his journey, travelling over Skambha s mighty body?
avs.10.7 [1000704] Whitherward yearning blazeth Agni upward? Whitherward yearning bloweth Matarisvan? Who out of many, tell me, is that Skambha to whom with long ing go the turning pathways?
avs.10.8 [1000839] When Agni passed between the earth and heaven devouring with his flame the all consumer, Where dwelt afar the spouses of one husband, where at that moment, where was Matarisvan? 40.
avs.10.8 Into the floods had Matarisvan entered, the deities had past in to the waters.
avs.10.9 [1000926] Each grain of rice in mortar or on pestle, all on the skin or in the winnowing basket, Whatever purifying Matarisvan, the Wind, hath sifted, let the Hotar Agni make of it an acceptable oblation.
avs.11.4 [1100415] The name of Prana is bestowed on Matarisvan and on Wind.
avs.11.5 [1100513] The Brahmachari stores with fuel Waters, and Fire, and Sun, and Moon, and Matarisvan.
avs.12.1 [1200151] To whom the winged bipeds fly together, birds of each various kind, the swans, the eagles; On whom the Wind comes rushing, Matarisvan, rousing the dust and causing trees to tremble, and flame pursues the blast.
avs.13.3 So Matarisvan, measuring in spirit the thread of Order, purifies all regions.
avs.14.1 [1400154] May Indra Agni, Heaven Earth, Matarisvan, may Mitra Varuna, Bhaga, both the Asvins, Brihaspati, the host of Maruts, Brahma, and Soma magnify this dame with offspring.
avs.15.2 Present and Future are his running footmen, mind is his war chariot, Matarisvan and Pavamana are they who draw it, Vita is his charioteer, Storm his goad, Fame and Glory are his harbingers.
avs.16.3 [1600304] Let not Unyoking and the Moist fellied car desert me: let not the Sender of Moisture and Matarisvan forsake me.
avs.19.20 [1902002] All that the World s Lord made, all that for creatures Prajapati and Matarisvan fashioned, All things within the quarters and their spaces, let all these be my manifold defences.

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