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avs.4.15 [0401515] Khanvakha, ho! Khaimakha, ho! thou in the middle, Taduri! Fathers, enjoy the rain from one who strives to win the Marut s heart.[p. a123]
avs.6.122 May Indra, Marut girt, grant me the blessing I long for as I pour you this libation.
avs.11.1 purifie d and holy Women, May Indra, Marut girt, grant me the blessing which as I sprinkle you, my heart desireth.
avs.15.14 [1501401] He when he went away to the eastern region, went away having become the Marut host, and having made Mind an eater of food.
avs.19.17 [1901708] May Indra, Marut girt, protect me from this region.
avs.19.18 [1901808] Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners, praise Indra with the Marut host about him.

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