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avs.4.31 A hymn to Manyu or Wrath
avs.4.31 [0403101] Borne on with thee, O Manyu girt by Maruts, let our brave men, impetuous, bursting forward, March on, like flames of fire in form, exulting, with pointed arrows, sharpening their weapons.
avs.4.31 [0403102] Flashing like fire, be thou, O conquering Manyu, invoked, O victor, as our army s leader.
avs.4.31 [0403103] O Manyu, overcome those who assail us.
avs.4.31 [0403104] Alone of many thou art worshipped, Manyu: sharpen the spirit of each clan for combat.
avs.4.31 [0403105] Unyielding, bringing victory like Indra, O Manyu be thou here our sovran ruler. [p. a141] To thy dear name.
avs.4.31 [0403106] Twin borne with power, destructive bolt of thunder the highest conquering might is thine, subduer! Be friendly to us in thy spirit, Manyu! O much invoked, in shock of mighty battle!
avs.4.31 [0403107] For spoil let Varuna and Manyu give us the wealth of both sides gathered and collected; And let our enemies with stricken spirits, over whelmed with.
avs.4.32 A hymn to Manyu
avs.4.32 [0403201] He who hath reverenced thee, Manyu, destructive bolt! breeds.
avs.4.32 [0403202] Manyu was Indra, yea, the God was Manyu; Manyu was Hotar Varuna, Jatavedas.
avs.4.32 The tribes of human lineage worship Manyu.
avs.4.32 Accordant, with thy fervour, Manyu! guard us.
avs.4.32 [0403203] Come hither, Manyu, mightier than the mighty: smite, with thy fervour, for ally, our foemen.
avs.4.32 [0403204] For thou art, Manyu, of surpassing vigour, fierce, queller of the foe, and self existent, Shared by all men, victorious, subduer: vouchsafe to us superior strength in battles.
avs.4.32 I, feeble man, was wroth with thee, O Manyu.
avs.4.32 [0403206] Come hither, I am all thine own: advancing, turn thou to me, victorious, all bestowing. [p. a142] Come to me, Manyu, wielder of the thunder: bethink thee of thy friend, and slay the Dasyus.
avs.7.93 [0709301] With Indra s and with Manyu s aid may we subdue our enemies, resistlessly destroying foes.
avs.9.2 [0900223] Stronger art thou than aught that stands or twinkles, stronger art thou than ocean, Kama! Manyu! Stronger than these art thou, and great for ever.
avs.10.5 [1000548] What curse soever couples launch against us, whatever bitter speech the chatterers utter, With Manyu s arrow, offspring of the spirit, transfix thou to the heart the Yatudhanas,
avs.11.8 [1100801] When Manyu brought his consort home forth from Sankalpa s dwelling place, Who were the wooers of the bride, who was the chief who courted her?

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