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avs.2.5 [0200507] Impetuous as a bull he chose the Soma, and quaffed the juices in three sacred beakers. [p. a38] Maghavan grasped the thunder for his weapon, and smote to death this first born of the dragons.
avs.2.36 [0203604] As this lair, Maghavan! that is fair to look on was dear to wild things as a pleasant dwelling, So may this woman here be Bhaga s darling.
avs.3.1 [0300103] O Maghavan, O Indra, thou who slayest fiends, and, Agni, thou, Burn, both of you, against these men, the foeman s host that threatens us.
avs.3.19 [0301966] Let their fierce powers, O Maghavan, be heightened, and upward go the shout of conquering heroes.
avs.6.58 [0605801] May Indra Maghavan give me name and glory.
avs.7.31 [0703101] Rouse us to day O Indra, Maghavan, hero, with thy best pos sible and varied succours, May he who hateth us fall low beneath us, and him whom we detest let life abandon.
avs.7.50 Give us wide room and easy way, O Indra; break down, O Maghavan, the foemen s valour.
avs.7.86 May Indra Maghavan pros per and bless us.
avs.8.4 [0800419] Hurl down from heaven thy bolt of stone, O Indra: sharpen it, Maghavan, made keen by Soma.
avs.19.15 Help us, O Maghavan, let thy succour grant us this: drive foes and enemies afar.
avs.20.11 [2001111] Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered, The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vritras, wins and gathers treasures.
avs.20.15 Fulfil, O Maghavan, the wish of this thy worshipper.
avs.20.17 As wives embrace their lord, the comely bridegroom, so they compass Maghavan about that he may help.
avs.20.17 [2001703] From indigence and hunger Indra turns away: Maghavan hath dominion over precious wealth.
avs.20.17 [2001705] As in the game a gambler piles his winnings, so Maghavan, sweeping all together, gained the Sun.
avs.20.17 This mighty deed of thine none other could achieve, none, Maghavan, before thee, none in recent time.
avs.20.17 [2001706] Maghavan came by turns to all the tribes of men: the Steer took notice of the people s songs of praise.
avs.20.17 This Maghavan hath found light for the man who brings oblation, sheds the juice, and promptly pours his gifts.
avs.20.55 [2005501] Oft, oft I call that Indra, Maghavan the mighty, who evermore possesses power, ever resistless.
avs.20.55 [2005502] Indra, what joys as Lord of Light thou broughtest from the Asuras, Prosper therewith, O Maghavan, him who lauds that deed, and those whose grass is trimmed for thee.
avs.20.57 O active Maghavan, with eager prayer we crave the yellow hued with store of kine.
avs.20.67 Pressed for thee, Maghavan, it is offered unto thee: drink from the chalice of this Brahman, drink thy fill.
avs.20.73 [2007304] When, with the Princes, Maghavan, famed of old, comes nigh the thunderbolt of gold and the Controller s car Which his two tawny coursers draw, then Indra is the Sovran Lord of power whose fame spreads far and wide.
avs.20.77 [2007701] Impetuous, true, let Maghavan come hither, and let his tawny coursers speed to reach us.
avs.20.81 Maghavan, help us to a stable full of kine, O Thunderer, with) wondrous aids.
avs.20.82 No kinship is there better, Maghavan, than thine: a father even) is no more.
avs.20.85 [2008504] Those skilled in song, O Maghavan, among these men overcome with might the foeman s songs, Come hither, bring us strength in many a varied form most near that it may succour us.
avs.20.87 [2008705] I will declare the earliest deeds of Indra, and recent acts which Maghavan hath accomplished.
avs.20.89 [2008903] Why, Maghavan, do they call thee bounteous Giver? Quicken me: thou, I hear, art he who quickens.
avs.20.89 [2008906] He unto whom we offer praises, Indra, Maghavan, who hath joined to ours his wishes Before him even afar the foe must tremble: low before him must bow all human glories.
avs.20.89 [2008908] Indra the swallower of strong libations with their thick residue, the potent Somas, He, Maghavan, will not restrict his bounty: he brings much wealth unto the Soma presser.
avs.20.92 Maghavan, help us to a stable full of kine, O Thunderer, with wondrous aids.
avs.20.94 [2009409] I bear this deftly fashioned goad of thine wherewith thou, Maghavan, shalt break the strikers with the hoof. [p. 342] At the libation mayst thou be well satisfied.
avs.20.96 Maghavan in his bended arm supports him: he slays, unasked, the men who hate devotion.
avs.20.113 [2011301] Both boons may Indra hitherward turned, listen to this, prayer of ours, And, mightiest Maghavan with thought inclined to us come nigh to drink the Soma juice.
avs.20.117 [2011703] Mark closely, Maghavan; the words I utter, this eulogy recited by Vasishtha: Accept the prayers I offer at thy banquet.
avs.20.125 [2012505] As parents aid a son, both Asvins, Indra, aided thee with their wondrous powers and wisdom When thou, with might, hadst drunk the draught that glad dens, Sarasvati, O Maghavan refreshed thee.
avs.20.128 [2012813] Easily conquering Maghavan, thou, Hero, bentest Raji down, Rentest asunder Rauhina, calvest in pieces Vritra s head.

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