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avs.2.17 [0201704] Life art thou, give me life. All hail!
avs.5.1 On sure ground where the ways are parted standeth Life s Pillar in the dwelling of the Highest.
avs.5.25 [0502513] O Lord of Life, Prajapati, within this woman s body lay A male germ with the noblest form for her in the tenth month to bear.
avs.8.1 [0800121] Life hath breathed on thee; light hath come: darkness hath past away from thee.
avs.10.3 [1000324] As glory dwelleth in the Lord of Life and in this God Supreme,.
avs.10.5 [1000545] All food of thine, O Lord of Life, that lies, upon the face of earth, Thereof bestow thou upon us.
avs.10.5 O Lord of Life, Prajapati!
avs.10.7 He who knows Him who is Supreme, and he who knows the Lord of Life, These know the loftiest Power Divine, and thence know Skambha thoroughly.
avs.10.7 [1000741] He verily who knows the Reed of Gold that stands amid the flood, is the mysterious Lord of Life.
avs.10.10 [1001030] The Cow is Heaven, the Cow is Earth, the Cow is Vishnu, Lord of Life.
avs.12.1 [1200143] Whose castles are the work of Gods, and men wage war upon her plain The Lord of Life make Prithivi, who beareth all things in her womb, pleasant to us on every side!
avs.13.2 [1300215] He finishes his race with speed and never turns his thought aside, Thereby he keeps not from the Gods enjoyment of the Drink of Life.
avs.14.2 [1400240] So may the Lord of Life vouchsafe you children, Aryaman bind you, day and night, together.
avs.17.1 [1700118] Indra art thou, Mahendra thou, thou art the world, the Lord of Life.
avs.19.27 [1902708] Live with the Life Creators life.
avs.19.44 [1904404] Preserve our breath, O Vital Breath, have mercy on our life, O Life.

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