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avs.1.9 Benediction on a King at his inauguration
avs.1.10 [0101001] This Lord is the Gods ruler; for the wishes of Varuna the King must be accomplished.
avs.1.10 [0101002] Homage be paid, King Varuna, to thine anger; for thou, dread God, detectest every falsehood.
avs.1.10 [0101003] Whatever falsehood thou hast told, much evil spoken with the tongue, I liberate thee from the noose of Varuna the righteous King.
avs.1.14 [0101402] King Yama, let this maiden be surrendered as a wife to thee: Bound let her be meanwhile within, her mother s, brother s, father s house.
avs.1.14 [0101403] Queen of thy race is she, O King: to thee do we deliver her.
avs.1.25 [0102503] Be thou distress, or agonizing torment, be thou the son King Varuna hath begotten, Rack is thy name, God of the sickly yellow! O Fever, yielding to our prayer avoid us.
avs.1.29 A charm to secure the supremacy of a dethroned King
avs.1.29 [0102906] Destroyer of my rivals, strong, victorious, with royal sway, May I be ruler of these men, and King and sovran of the folk.
avs.1.30 A benediction on a King at his consecration
avs.1.33 [0103302] They in the midst whereof King Varuna moveth, viewing men s righteous and unrighteous dealing.
avs.2.13 The garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King, to w rap about him.
avs.2.28 [0202805] Lead him to life, O Agni, and to splendour, this dear child, Varuna! and thou King Mitra! Give him protection, Aditi! as a mother; All Gods, that his be life of long duration;
avs.2.36 Then verily King Soma makes her happy.
avs.3.3 [0300303] King Varuna call thee hither from the waters! From hills and mountains Soma call thee hither! Let Indra call thee hither to these people.
avs.3.4 King! let all regions of the heavens invite thee.
avs.3.4 Even so hath Varuna this King asserted, he who himself hath called thee: come thou hither.
avs.3.5 A King s address to an amulet which is to strengthen his authority
avs.3.12 May the moist Maruts sprinkle it with fatness, and may King Bhaga make our corn land fruitful.
avs.3.20 [0302004] We call King Soma to our aid, and Agni with our songs and.
avs.3.22 [0302203] The strength wherewith the Elephant was dowered, that decks a King among the men, in waters, O Agni, even with that strength make thou me vigorous to day.
avs.4.8 A benediction at the consecration of a King
avs.4.8 Death comes to this man s royal consecration: let him as King own and allow this kingdom.
avs.4.16 [0401602] If a man stands or walks or moves in secret, goes to his lying down or his uprising, What two men whisper as they sit together, King Varuna knows: he as the third is present.
avs.4.16 [0401603] This earth, too, is King Varuna s possession, and the high heaven whose ends are far asunder.
avs.4.16 [0401604] If one should flee afar beyond the heaven, King Varuna would still be round about him.
avs.4.22 Let him as King be head and chief of Princes, Give up to him, O Indra, every foeman.
avs.4.22 [0402203] Let him be treasure lord of goodly treasures, let him as King be master of the people.
avs.4.22 May he as King be Indra s well beloved, the darling of the kine, the plants, the cattle.
avs.4.22 [0402206] Supreme art thou, beneath thee are thy rivals, and all, O King, who were thine adversaries.
avs.5.3 Let us not lose our children or our bodies: let us not benefit the foe, King Soma!
avs.5.17 [0501702] King Soma first of all, without reluctance, made restitution of the Brahman s consort.
avs.5.19 [0501906] If any King who deems himself mighty would eat a Brahman up, Rent and disrupted is that realm wherein a Brahman is oppres sed.
avs.5.19 [0501910] That wealth, King Varuna hath said, is poison by the Gods prepared.
avs.5.21 King Soma.
avs.5.23 [0502310] The King of worms hath been destroyed, he who was lord of these is slain.
avs.5.25 [0502506] Drink thou the procreative draught well known to Varuna the King, Known to divine Sarasvati, and Indra slayer of the foe.
avs.6.20 [0602002] To Rudra and to Fever be our worship paid: worship be paid to Varuna the splendid King! Worship to Dyaus, to Earth, worship be paid to Plants!
avs.6.54 A benediction on a newly elected King
avs.6.68 One minded let Adityas, Rudras, Vasus moisten the hair: shave ye who know King Soma.
avs.6.73 A King s charm to conciliate his discontented kinsmen
avs.6.74 A King s charm to secure the fidelity of his people
avs.6.86 A glorification of a newly consecrated King
avs.6.86 [0608603] Thou art the King of Asuras, the crown and summit of man kind: Thou art the partner of the Gods: the one and only Lord be thou.
avs.6.87 A benediction addressed to a newly elected King
avs.6.88 A benediction addressed to a newly elected King
avs.6.88 [0608801] Firm is the sky, firm is the earth, and firm is all this living world; Firm are these mountains on their base, and stedfast is this King of men.
avs.6.88 [0608802] Stedfast may Varuna the King, stedfast the God Brihaspati, Stedfast may Indra stedfast, too, may Agni keep thy stedfast reign.
avs.6.94 A charm to reconcile a King s discontented people
avs.6.96 [0609601] The many plants of hundred shapes and forms that Soma rules as King, [p. a245] Commanded by Brihaspati, deliver us from grief and woe!
avs.6.97 A prayer for the success and prosperity of a King
avs.6.104 [0610403] Indra and Agni bind them fast, Soma the King, and both the Friends! May Indra, girt by Maruts, make a bond to bind our enemies.
avs.6.116 [0611601] The wealth which husbandmen aforetime, digging, like men who find their food with knowledge, buried, This to the King, Vivasvan s son, I offer, Sweet be our food and fit for sacrificing!
avs.6.123 [0612305] O King, take thou thy stand in heaven, there also let that gift be placed. [p. a259] Recognize, King, the gift which we have given, and be gracious, God!
avs.6.128 [0612801] What time the heavenly bodies chose the Weather Prophet as their King, They brought him favouring weather, and, Let this be his do main, they said.
avs.6.128 Give favourable weather thou, King, Weather Prophet, unto us.
avs.6.128 [0612804] Be worship ever paid to thee, O Weather Prophet, King of Star s, Who gavest us oo weather in the evening and by night and day!
avs.7.35 A prayer for the prosperity of a King and his kingdom
avs.7.83 [0708301] Stablished amid the waters is, King Varuna, thy golden home.
avs.7.83 [0708302] Hence free thou us, King Varuna, from each successive bond and tie.
avs.7.118 [0711801] Thy vital parts I cover with thine armour: with immortality King Soma clothe thee! Varuna give thee what is more than ample, and in thy triumph let the Gods be joyful.
avs.8.1 The Plants and Herbs with Soma as their King have rescued thee from Death.
avs.8.3 Roam also in the air, O King, around us, and with thy jaws assail the wicked spirits.
avs.8.7 [0800720] Asvattha, Darbha, King of Plants, is Soma, deathless sacrifice Barley and Rice are healing balms, the sons of Heaven who never die.
avs.8.10 King Yama was her calf, her pail was silvern.
avs.8.10 King Soma was her calf.
avs.9.1 Brahman and King, the draught ox and the milch cow, barley and rice, and honey is the seventh.
avs.9.2 [0900206] By Kama s might, King Varuna s and Indra s, by Vishnu s strength, and Savitar s instigation, I chase my foes with sacrifice to Agni, as a deft steersman drives his boat through waters.
avs.9.7 [0900702] King Soma is the brain, Sky is the upper jaw, Earth is the lower jaw.
avs.9.7 [0900722] When he hath got his grass he is King Soma.
avs.9.9 Here have I seen the King with seven male children.
avs.10.5 [1000544] Thou art the bound of Varuna the King.
avs.10.6 [1000615] King Varuna assumed and wore this salutary Amulet.
avs.11.1 [1100126] Give understanding unto these, King Soma! all the good Brah mans who attend and serve thee.
avs.11.2 [1100228] King Bhava, favour him who offers worship, for thou art Pasupati, Lord of victims.
avs.11.5 [1100517] By Fervour and by self restraint the King protects the realm he rules.
avs.11.6 [1100602] We call on Vishnu, Bhaga, on Mitra and Varuna the King, Ansa Vivasvan we address: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.12.3 [1200309] Best of the regions is indeed this western wherein the King and gracious Lord is Soma.
avs.14.1 [1400149] God Savitar shall take thy hand, and Soma the King shall make thee rich in goodly offspring, Let Agni, Lord Omniscient, make thee happy, till old old age a wife unto thy husband.
avs.14.1 Let him who knows, King Bhaga, go before her.
avs.15.2 Vairupa and Vairaja, the Waters, and King Varuna followed him.
avs.15.2 He who reviles the Vratya possessing this knowledge is alienated from Vairupa and Vairaja, the Waters and Varuna the King.
avs.15.2 He who possesses this knowledge becomes the dear home of Vairupa and Vairaja, the Waters and King Varuna. In the [p. 151] western region Ira is his leman, Laughter his panegyrist, knowledge, etc.
avs.15.2 Syaita and Naudhasa, the Seven Rishis, and King Soma followed him.
avs.15.10 [1501001] So let the King, to whose house the Vratya who possesses this knowledge comes as a guest.
avs.15.14 [1501403] He, when he went away to the western region, went away having become King Varuna, and having made the Waters eaters of food.
avs.15.14 [1501404] He, when he went away to the northern region, went away having become King Soma and having made the Seven Rishis oblation an eater of food.
avs.15.14 [1501407] He, when he went away to the Fathers, went away having be come King Yama and having made the exclamation Svadha an eater of food.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of King Varuna, etc.
avs.17.1 [1700122] Glory to him when rising, when ascending! Glory to him when he hath reached the zenith! To him far shining, him the self refulgent, to him the Sovran Lord and King be glory!
avs.17.1 [1700123] Worship to him when he is turning westward, to him when set ting, and when set be worship! To him far shining, him the self refulgent, to him the Sovran Lord and King be glory!
avs.18.1 [1800133] Hath the King seized us? How have we offended against his holy Ordinance? Who knoweth? For even Mitra mid the Gods is angry.
avs.18.1 [1800149] Honour the King with your oblations, Yama, Vivasvan s son, who gathers men together. [p. 179] Even him who travelled over the mighty rivers, who searches out and shows the path to many.
avs.18.1 King, let this oblation make thee joyful.
avs.18.2 [1800203] Offer to Yama, to the King, butter and milk in sacrifice.
avs.18.2 [1800212] And those two dogs of thine, Yama, the watchers, four eyed who look on men and guard the pathway Entrust this man, O King, to their protection, and with prosperity and health endow him.
avs.18.2 [1800246] Inbreath and outbreath, breath diffused, life, sight to look upon the Sun Seek by a straight unwinding path the Fathers whom King Yama rules,
avs.18.3 [1800313] Worship with sacrificial gift King Yama, Vivasvan s son who gathers men together, Yama who was the first to die of mortals, the first who travelled to the world before us.
avs.18.3 [1800369] Grains which for thee I scatter, mixt with Sesamum, as holy food, May they for thee be excellent and potent: King Yama look on them as thine with favour!
avs.18.4 King Yama look on, them as thine with favour!
avs.18.4 King Yama look on, them, as thine, with favour.
avs.18.4 Then may we live a hundred autumn seasons guarded by thee, O King, by thee protected.
avs.19.5 [1900501] King of the living world and men is Indra, of all in varied form that earth containeth.
avs.19.6 Sprang into being, of the King Soma produced from Purusha.
avs.19.13 [1901310] Ours be the potent host of mighty Indra, King Varuna, and Maruts and Adityas.
avs.19.20 [1902001] May Soma, Varuna the King, both Asvins, Yama and Pushan guard us well from Mrityu Death caused by men, which Indra Agni, Dhatar, Brihaspati and Savitar appointed.
avs.19.24 A benediction on a newly elected King
avs.19.24 This garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King, to wrap about him.
avs.19.26 [1902604] What Varuna the King knows well, and what the God Brihaspati, And Indra, Slayer of the Foe, may that bestow long life on thee, may that increase thy splendid strength.
avs.19.44 [1904408] Full many a falsehood, O thou King Varuna, man hath uttered here: Do thou who hast a thousand powers preserve us from that misery. [p. 247]
avs.19.49 [1904906] Even as a King, O splendid Night, thou takest pleasure in our hymn.
avs.20.12 [2001207] Impetuous, Thunderer, strong, quelling the mighty, King, potent, Vritra slayer, Soma drinker, May he come hither with his yoked bay horses.
avs.20.17 [2001702] Directed unto thee my spirit never strays, for I have set my hopes on thee, O much invoked! Sit, wonderful! as King upon the sacred grass, and let thy drinking place be by the Soma juice.
avs.20.36 [2003609] Of all the heavenly folk, of earthly creatures, thou art the King, O God of splendid aspect.
avs.20.44 [2004403] Him I invite with eulogy, best King, effective in the fight, Strong for the gain of mighty spoil.
avs.20.61 [2006106] Such, praised by many! thou art King: alone thou smitest foe men dead, To gain, O Indra, spoils of war and high renown.
avs.20.62 [2006210] Such, praised by many! thou art King.
avs.20.80 [2008002] We call on thee, O King, mighty among the Gods, ruler of men, to succour us, All that is weak in us, excellent God, make firm: make our foes easy to subdue.
avs.20.94 [2009402] Firm seated is thy car, thy steeds are docile: thy hand, O King, holds, firmly grasped, the thunder.
avs.20.127 A hymn in praise of the good Government of King Kaurama
avs.20.127 [2012707] List to Parikshit s eulogy, the sovran whom all people love, The King who ruleth over all, excelling mortals as a God.
avs.20.127 [2012709] Which shall I set before thee, curds, gruel of milk, or barley brew? Thus the wife asks her husband in the realm which King Parikshit rules.
avs.20.127 Happily thrive the people in the land where King Parikshit reigns.

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