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avs.2.25 [0202504] The hateful fiend who drinks the blood, and him who take away the growth, The Kanva who devours the germ, quell, Prisniparni! and! destroy.
avs.2.32 [0203203] Like Atri I destroy you, Worms! in Kanva s, Jamadagni s way: I bray and bruise the creeping things to pieces with Agastya s* spell.
avs.4.19 [0401902] Thou hast been blessed with blessing by the Brahman, Kanva Narshada.
avs.4.29 [0402905] Ye, Varuna, Mitra, who give aid to Kutsa, Gavishthira, Bharadvaja, Visvamitra, Who help Kakshivan and give aid to Kanva, deliver us, ye twain, from grief and trouble.
avs.5.23 [0502309] I kill you, worms, as Atri, as Kanva and Jamadagni killed.
avs.6.52 [0605203] I have brought Kanva s famous Plant, life giving, and itself inspired, The medicine that healeth all: may it suppress my hidden foes.
avs.7.15 [0701501] I choose, O Savitar, that glorious favour, with fruitful energy and every blessing, Even this one s teeming cow, erst milked by Kanva, thousand streamed, milked for happiness by the mighty.
avs.18.3 [1800315] Kanva, Kakshivan, Purumidha, Agastya, Syavasva Sobhari, and Archananas, This Visvamitra, Jamadagni, Atri, Kasyapa, Vamadeva be our helpers!
avs.20.115 [2011502] After the lore of ancient time I make, like Kanva, beauteous songs, And Indra s self gains strength thereby.
avs.20.140 [2014004] When, O Nasatyas, we this day make you speed hither N ith our hymns, Or, Asvins, with our songs of praise, remember Kanva specially.
avs.20.141 [2014104] Now come, ye Asvins, hitherward: here are oblations set for you; These Soma draughts to aid Yadu and Turvasa, these offered you mid Kanva s sons.

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