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avs.1.7 [0100702] O Jatavedas, Lord Supreme, controller of our bodies, taste The butter, Agni, taste the oil: make thou the Yatudhanas mourn.
avs.1.7 [0100705] Let us behold thy strength, O Jatavedas.
avs.1.7 [0100706] O Jatavedas, seize, on them: for our advantage art thou born: Agni, be thou our messenger and make the Yatudhanas wail.
avs.1.8 [0100804] As thou, O Agni Jatavedas, knowest the races of these secret greedy beings, So strengthened by the power of prayer, O Agni, crushing them down a hundred times destroy them.
avs.1.9 [0100903] Through that most mighty prayer, O Jatavedas, wherewith thou.
avs.2.12 [0201208] In Jatavedas kindled flame I set the place assigned to thee.
avs.2.29 [0202902] Bestow thou life on him, O Jatavedas.
avs.3.1 [0300101] Let the wise Agni go against our foemen, burning against ill will and imprecation Let him bewilder our opponents army, Let Jatavedas smite and make them handless.
avs.3.2 May Jatavedas smite and make them handless.
avs.3.10 [0301006] The shrine of Ila flows with oil and fatness: accept, O Jatavedas, our oblations.
avs.3.15 [0301508] Still to thee ever will we bring oblation, as to a stabled horse, O Jatavedas.
avs.3.22 [0302204] The lofty strength which sacrifice brings, Jatavedas! unto thee, What strength the Sun possesses, all strength of the royal Elephant such strength vouchsafe to me the pair of Asvins lotus garlanded!
avs.4.15 [0401510] May he who hath become the plants high regent, suiting our bodies, Agni of the Waters, May Jatavedas send us rain from heaven, Amrit and vital breath to earthly creatures.
avs.4.23 [0402302] As thou conveyest offerings, Jatavedas! and fashionest the sacri fice with knowledge, So bear thou to the Gods the prayer we utter.
avs.4.23 [0402304] We invoke the oblation bearer, well born Agni Jatavedas, Him, Vaisvanara, almighty.
avs.4.32 [0403202] Manyu was Indra, yea, the God was Manyu; Manyu was Hotar Varuna, Jatavedas.
avs.4.39 [0403910] Skilled in all ways, O God, O Jatavedas, I offer what is cleansed by heart and spirit.
avs.4.39 To all thy seven mouths, O Jatavedas.
avs.4.40 [0404001] O Jatavedas, eastward sacrificers, as foes assail us from the eastern quarter.
avs.4.40 [0404002] O Jatavedas, southward sacrificers as foes assail us from the southern quarter.
avs.4.40 [0404003] O Jatavedas, westward sacrificers as foes assail us from the western quarter.
avs.4.40 [0404004] Jatavedas, northward sacrificers as foes assail us from the northern quarter.
avs.4.40 [0404005] O Jatavedas, nether sacrificers, as foes assail us from the stead fast quarter.
avs.4.40 [0404006] Those who pay sacrifice, O Jatavedas, from air assail us from the midway quarter.
avs.4.40 [0404007] The sacrificers from above assail us, O Jatavedas, from the lofty quarter.
avs.4.40 [0404008] Those from all points assail us, Jatavedas, who sacrifice from intermediate regions.
avs.5.8 Therewith, O Jatavedas, Lord of Bodies! may we win us strength.
avs.5.12 [0501201] Thou in the house of man this day enkindled worshippest Gods as God, O Jatavedas.
avs.5.27 [0502713] Pay sacrifice to Indra, Jatavedas Agni, with Hail! Let all the Gods accept the gifts we offer.
avs.5.29 [0502902] Accordant with all Gods, O Jatavedas Agni, perform this work as we beseech thee, That this defence of his may fall, whoever hath caused us pain, whoever hath consumed us.
avs.5.29 [0502903] Unanimous, with all the Gods together, so do this thing O Agni Jatavedas, that this defence of his may fall and fail him.
avs.5.29 [0502910] O Agni Jatavedas, slay the bloody Pisacha, flesh devourer, mind destroyer, Strong Indra strike him with his bolt of thunder, courageous Soma cut his head to pieces!
avs.5.29 [0502912] Collect, O Jatavedas, what hath been removed and borne away.
avs.5.29 [0502913] Like as the Soma s tendril, thus, O Jatavedas let him swell, Let him live, Agni I Make him fat, free from consumption, full of sap.
avs.5.29 O Jatavedas, willingly accept them and be pleased therewith.
avs.6.77 [0607703] O Jatavedas turn them back: a hundred homeward ways be thine! Thou hast a thousand avenues: by these restore our kine to us.
avs.6.123 [0612301] Ye who are present, unto you I offer this treasure brought to us by Jatavedas Happily will the sacrificer follow: do ye acknowledge him in highest heaven.
avs.6.140 [0614001] Two tigers have grown up who long to eat the mother and the sire: Soothe, Brahmanaspati, and thou, O Jatavedas, both these teeth.
avs.7.34 [0703401] Agni, drive off my rivals born and living, repel those yet unborn, O Jatavedas.
avs.7.35 [0703501] Subdue with conquering might his other rivals, those yet unborn repel, O Jatavedas.
avs.7.74 So may we all with children, Jatavedas! worship and humbly wait on thee enkindled.
avs.7.82 [0708204] Agni hath looked upon the spring of Morning, looked on the days, the earliest Jatavedas.
avs.7.82 [0708205] Agni hath looked upon the spring of Mornings, looked on the days, the earliest Jatavedas.
avs.7.84 [0708401] Holder of sway, shine here refulgent, Agni! invincible immortal Jatavedas.
avs.7.106 [0710601] Each thoughtless ill that we have done, O Agni, all error in our conduct, Jatavedas! Therefrom do thou, O sapient God, preserve us.
avs.7.108 [0710802] Whoso oppresseth us O Jatavedas, asleep or waking, standing still or moving.
avs.7.108 Accordant with Vaisvanara thy comrade, O Jatavedas, meet them and consume them.
avs.7.115 Of these we send away the most unlucky: keep lucky ones for us, O Jatavedas.
avs.8.1 Thy guardian be Vaisvanara Jatavedas; let not celestial Fire with lightning burn thee.
avs.8.2 [0800213] I win thy life from Agni, from the living everlasting Jatavedas.
avs.8.3 [0800302] O Jatavedas, armed with teeth of iron, enkindled with thy flame, attack the demons.
avs.8.3 Rend his joints, Jatavedas! let the eater of raw flesh, seeking flesh, tear and destroy him.
avs.8.3 [0800305] Where now thou seest, Agni Jatavedas! a Yatudhana, standing still or roaming.
avs.8.3 [0800307] Rescue the captives also, Jatavedas! yea, those whom Yatudha nas spears have captured.
avs.8.3 Loud roaring with thy flame, Jatavedas, fetter him in the pre sense of the singer.
avs.8.3 [0800325] Thy two unwasting horns, O Jatavedas, keen pointed weapons, sharpened by devotion With these transfix the wicked souled Kimidin, with fierce flame, Jatavedas! when he meets thee. [p. a330]
avs.8.4 [0800414] As if I worshipped deities of falsehood, or thought vain thoughts about the Gods, O Agni! Why art thou angry with us, Jatavedas? Destruction fall on those who lie against thee!
avs.9.4 May Agni Jatavedas bear him offered, on pathways traversed by the Gods, to Indra. [p. a366]
avs.10.3 [1000319] As glory dwelleth in the Earth, and in this Jatavedas here, So may the Charm etc. [p. 11]
avs.10.6 In him may we find grace and loving kindness, happiness, progeny, and sight and cattle, in Jatavedas kindled with devotion.
avs.11.1 [1100103] Thou, Agni, wart produced for mighty valour, to cook Brahmaudana,O Jatavedas.
avs.11.1 Cooking, for these, oblation, Jatavedas! lift up this man to heaven s most lofty summit.
avs.11.1 [1100129] Lay thou the chaff in Agni Jatavedas: remove the husks and drive them to a distance.
avs.12.2 [1200207] I sweep afar, for sacrifice to Fathers, corpse eating Agni who hath come among us, Although he saw this other, Jatavedas: in loftiest space let him inflame the caldron.
avs.12.2 Here let this other, Jatavedas, carry oblation to the Deities, fore knowing.
avs.13.1 [1300112] Thousand horned Bull, may Jatavedas, worshipped with butter, balmed with Soma, rich in heroes, Besought, never quit me; may I never forsake thee.
avs.13.1 and Kakup with great splendour, Jatavedas! The cry of Vashat with the voice uplifted and Rohita with seed on thee have mounted.
avs.18.1 the earliest Jatavedas.
avs.18.1 [1800128] Agni hath looked against the van of Mornings, against the days the earliest Jatavedas; In many a place against the beams of Surya, against the heavens and earth hath he extended. [p. 177]
avs.18.2 O Jatavedas, when thou hast matured him, then send him on his way unto the Fathers.
avs.18.2 [1800205] When thou hast made him ready, Jatavedas, then do thou give him over to the Fathers. [p. 185] When he attains unto the life that waits him he will obey the Deities commandment.
avs.18.2 With thine auspicious forms, O Jatavedas, bear this man to the region of the pious.
avs.18.2 [1800209] Let all thy rapid flames, O Jatavedas, wherewith thou fillest heaven and earth s mid region, Follow the goat as he goes on, united: then with the others, most auspicious, aid us.
avs.18.2 [1800235] Those, whether flames have burnt or not consumed them, who in the midst of heaven enjoy oblations Let them, when thou dost know them, Jatavedas, accept with sacred food the axe and worship.
avs.18.3 [1800342] Thou, Agni Jatavedas, when entreated, didst bear our offerings, having made them fragrant.
avs.18.3 [1800371] Seize hold O Jatavedas; let thy flame be full of fervent heat.
avs.18.4 [1800401] Rise to your mother, flames of Jatavedas! I send you up by paths which Fathers traverse.
avs.18.4 One, triply parted, Jatavedas, place him happily in the world that holds the righteous.
avs.18.4 [1800412] Happily lit, let fires, each Jatavedas, seize on Prajapati s appoint ed victim.
avs.18.4 world of Svarga, Let all the fires, each Jatavedas, welcome Prajapati s completely offered victim.
avs.18.4 [1800464] If Agni Jatavedas, as he bore you hence to the Fathers world, hath left one single.
avs.18.4 [1800465] Meet for men s praises, Agni Jatavedas was sent as envoy when the day was closing.
avs.19.3 [1900301] Whithersoever, from sky, earth, air s mid regions from plants ands herbs, from tall trees, Jatavedas.
avs.19.4 [1900401] The first oblation that Atharvan oared, earliest sacrifice paid by Jatavedas, [p. 213] Even this I, foremost, with repeated worship, now offer unto thee.
avs.19.16 May Jatavedas guard, sidelong, our cattle.
avs.19.45 [1904503] Increasing from the Waters strength and vigour, sprung into life from Agni Jatavedas, Strong as four heroes, mountain born, this Ointment make for thee quarters and mind points auspicious!
avs.19.64 [1906401] For lofty Jatavedas I have brought the fuel hither first.
avs.19.64 [1906402] With fuel and with flaming wood we, Jatavedas, strengthen thee; So do thou strengthen us in turn with children and with store of wealth.
avs.19.65 Beat down, O Jatavedas, with thy fury.
avs.19.66 [1906601] The Asuras with iron nets, magicians, who roam about with hooks and bonds of iron, With wrath I make thy thralls, O Jatavedas.
avs.20.13 [2001303] For Jatavedas, worthy of our praise, will we frame with our mind this eulogy as it were a car.

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