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avs.6.108 [0610801] Intelligence, come first to us with store of horses and of kine! Thou with the rays of Surya art our worshipful and holy one.
avs.6.108 [0610802] The first, devout Intelligence, lauded by sages, sped by prayer, Drunk by Brahmacharis, for the favour of the Gods I call.
avs.6.108 [0610803] That excellent Intelligence which Ribhus know, and Asuras, Intelligence which sages know, we cause to enter into me.
avs.6.108 [0610804] Do thou, O Agni, make me wise this day with that Intelligence.
avs.6.108 [0610805] Intelligence at eve, at morn, Intelligence at noon of day, With the Sun s beams, and by our speech we plant in us Intelligence.

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