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avs.4.24 Of sweetest sacrifice with seven Hotars.
avs.5.3 This boon shall the celestial Hotars win us: may we, unwound ed, have brave heroes round us.
avs.5.12 [0501207] Come the first two celestial sweet voiced Hotars, arranging sacrifice for man to worship, [p. a169] As singers who inspire us in assemblies, showing the eastern light with their direction!
avs.5.27 [0502709] Celestial Hotars, with the tongues of Agni praise and extol our lofty ceremony, so that our sacrifice be well conducted!
avs.11.7 [1100719] And the four Hotars, Apri hymns, the Nivida, and Four monthly rites, Oblations, sacrifices, and animal offerings, and their forms.

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