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avs.1.10 [0101002] Homage be paid, King Varuna, to thine anger; for thou, dread God, detectest every falsehood.
avs.1.13 [0101301] Homage to thee, the Lightning s flash, homage to thee, the Thunder s roar! Homage to thee, the Stone which thou hurlest against the undevout!
avs.1.13 [0101302] Homage to thee, Child of the Flood whence thou collectest fer vent heat! Be gracious to our bodies, give our children happiness and joy.
avs.1.13 [0101303] Yea, homage be to thee, O Offspring of the Flood! Homage we pay to thee, the dart and fiery flame: For well we know thy secret and sublimest home, where thou as central point art buried in the sea.
avs.2.2 Homage to thee! Thy home is in the heavens.
avs.2.8 [0200805] Homage to men with blinking eyes, homage to those who hear and act! To the Field s Lord be homage paid.
avs.2.35 [0203504] Awful are Rishis: unto them be homage, and to their eye and truthfulness of spirit! Loud homage to Brihaspati, O mighty! Homage to thee, O Visvakarman! Guard us.
avs.5.7 Homage be paid to Failure, to Misfortune, and Malignity.
avs.5.30 [0503012] Homage be paid to Yama, to Mrityu, and to the Fathers, and to those who guide us! I honour first, for this man s preservation, that Agni who well knoweth how to save him.
avs.6.13 Homage to death
avs.7.116 [0711601] Homage to him the burning one, shaker, exciter, violent! Homage to him the cold who acts according to his ancient will!
avs.8.1 [0800101] Homage to Death the Ender! May thy breathings, inward and outward, still remain within thee.
avs.9.3 [0900312] Homage to him! We worship too the giver and the Mansion s lord: Homage to Agni! to the man who serves at holy rites for thee.
avs.9.3 [0900313] Homage to kine and steeds! to all that shall be born within the house We loose the bonds that fasten thee, mother of multitudes to come!
avs.10.7 [1000733] Homage to highest Brahma, him whose eye is Surya and the Moon who groweth young and new again, him who made Agni for his mouth.
avs.10.7 [1000734] Homage to highest Brahma, him whose two life breathings were the Wind, The Angirases his sight: who made the regions be his means of sense.
avs.10.7 [1000736] Homage to highest Brahma, him who, sprung from Fervour and from toil, Filled all the worlds completely, who made Soma for himself alone.
avs.11.2 Homage to you, twin Lords of beasts and spirits! Shoot not the arrow aimed and drawn against us: forbear to harm our quadrupeds and bipeds.
avs.11.2 [1100203] We offer homage to thy shout, Bhava! thy breath, thy racking pains: Homage, Immortal One! to thee, to Rudra of the thousand eyes.
avs.11.2 [1100205] Homage, O Bhava, Lord of Beasts, unto thy face and all thine eyes, To skin, and hue, and aspect, and to thee when looked at from behind!
avs.11.2 [1100215] Be homage, Rudra, unto thee approaching and departing hence! Homage to thee when standing still, to thee when seated and at rest!
avs.11.2 [1100216] Homage at evening and at morn, homage at night, homage by day
avs.11.2 [1100222] Homage to him whose weapon, Cough or Fever, assails one like the neighing of a stallion; to him who draws one forth and then another!
avs.11.2 [1100223] Homage be paid him with ten Sakvari verses who stands established in the air s mid region, slaying non sacrificing God despisers!
avs.11.2 [1100231] Homage to thy loud shouting hosts and thy long haired followers! Homage to hosts that are adored, homage to armies that enjoy Homage to all thy troops, O God.
avs.11.4 [1100401] Homage to Prana, him who hath dominion over the universe, Who hath become the Sovran Lord of all, on whom the whole depends!
avs.11.4 [1100402] Homage, O Prana, to thy roar, to thunder peal and lightning flash! Homage, O Prana, unto thee what time thou sendest down thy rain!
avs.11.4 [1100407] Homage to thee when coming nigh, homage to thee departing hence! Homage, O Prana, be to thee when standing and when sitting still.
avs.11.4 [1100408] Homage to thee at every breath thou drawest in and sendest forth! Homage to thee when turned away, homage to thee seen face to face! This reverence be to all of thee!
avs.11.4 [1100423] Homage, O Prana unto thee armed with swift bow among the rest, In whose dominion is this All of varied sort that stirs and works!
avs.12.1 [1200142] On whom is food, barley and rice, to whom these Races Five belong, Homage to her, P arjanya s wife, to her whose marrow is the rain!
avs.12.4 [1200445] Homage, O Narada, to thee who hast quick knowledge of the cows.
avs.14.2 [1400235] Homage we pay to the Gandharva s favour, obeisance to his eye and fiery anger.
avs.18.4 [1800485] Homage to you Fathers! Hail to you, Fathers!

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