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avs.2.5 [0200501] Indra, be gracious, drive thou forth, come, Hero, with thy two bay steeds.
avs.13.2 He hath looked round on all the worlds, the Hero, the son of Aditi, Celestial Eagle. [p. 116]
avs.18.1 Thou, Hero, in rich gifts surpassest wealthy chiefs.
avs.19.13 [1901302] Swift, like a dread bull sharpening his weapons, rapidly striking, stirring up the people, Loud shouting, vigilant, the one sole Hero, Indra subdued a hundred hosts together.
avs.20.7 [2000701] Surya, thou mountest up to meet the Hero famous for his wealth, Who hurls the bolt and works for man:
avs.20.11 [2001102] I stimulate this zeal, the Strong, the Hero, decking my song of praise for thee Immortal.
avs.20.11 [2001111] Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered, The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vritras, wins and gathers treasures.
avs.20.12 Alone among the Gods thou pitiest mortals: O Hero, make thee glad at this libation.
avs.20.21 [2002106] These our libations, strength inspiring Soma draughts, gladdened thee in the fight with Vritra, Hero Lord, [p. 281] What time thou slewest for the singer with trimmed grass ten thousand Vritras, thou resistless in thy might.
avs.20.22 [2002201] Hero, the Soma being pressed I pour the juice for thee to drink Sate thee and finish thy carouse.
avs.20.23 Hero, enjoy the offered cake.
avs.20.26 [2002603] I call him, mighty to resist, the Hero of our ancient home, Thee whom my sire invoked of old.
avs.20.34 He who smote Sambara and slaughtered Sushna, He the Sole Hero, He, O men, is Indra.
avs.20.35 [2003505] So with my tongue I deck, to please that Indra, my hymn as it were a horse, through love of glory, To reverence the Hero, bounteous Giver, famed far and wide, destroyer of the castles.
avs.20.36 [2003601] With these my hymns I glorify that Indra who is alone to be invoked by mortals. [p. 296] The Lord, the Mighty One, of manly vigour, victorious, Hero, true, and full of wisdom.
avs.20.37 [2003704] At the Gods banquet, Hero souled! with heroes, Lord of Bay Steeds, thou slewest many Vritras.
avs.20.37 Favour these, Indra, when they strike the foemen, as Friend and Hero and the heroes helper.
avs.20.45 [2004502] O Hero, Lord of Bounties, praised in hymns, may power and pleasantness Be his who signs the laud to thee.
avs.20.47 [2004701] We make this Indra show his strength, to strike the mighty Vritra dead: A vigorous Hero shall he be.
avs.20.54 [2005401] Of one accord they made and formed for kingship Indra, the Hero who in all encounters overcometh, Most eminent for power, destroyer in the conflict, fierce and exceeding strong, stalwart and full of vigour.
avs.20.56 [2005602] For, Hero, thou art like a host, art giver of abundant prey.
avs.20.56 [2005605] Refresh thee, Hero, with the juice outpoured for bounty and for strength.
avs.20.57 [2005716] Boldly, bold Hero, bring us spoil in thousands for the Kanvas sake.
avs.20.64 So is the Hero praised who ever prospers us.
avs.20.65 [2006501] Come, sing we praise to Indra, friends! the Hero who deserves the laud, Him who with none to aid overcomes all tribes of men. [p. 316]
avs.20.70 [2007012] Unclose, our manly Hero, thou for ever bounteous, yonder cloud, For us, thou irresistible.
avs.20.73 [2007301] All these libations are for thee, O Hero: to thee I offer these my prayers that strengthen.
avs.20.74 [2007404] Hero, let hostile spirits sleep, and every gentler Genius wake: Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine, In thousands, O most wealthy One.
avs.20.76 [2007602] May we, when this Dawn and the next dance hither, be thy best servants, most heroic Hero! Let the victorious car with triple splendour bring hitherward the hundred chiefs with Kutsa.
avs.20.77 [2007702] Unyoke, as at thy journey s end, O Hero, to gladden thee to day at this libation.
avs.20.77 Thou sentest forth the waters of the ocean as Lord through power and might, O daring Hero.
avs.20.78 [2007801] Sing this, what time the juice is pressed, to him your Hero much invoked, To please him as a mighty, Bull.
avs.20.79 With thine assistance, Hero! may we pass through all the waters that are rushing down.
avs.20.81 [2008102] Thou, Hero, hast performed thy hero needs with might, yea, all+ with strength, O Strongest One.
avs.20.89 Make thou the Hero haste to give us riches even as a vessel filled brimful with treasure.
avs.20.89 Him who brings gifts the Hero makes his comrade: with him who pours no juice he seeks not friendship.
avs.20.92 [2009221] Thou, Hero, hast performed thy hero deeds with might, yea, all with strength, O Strongest One.
avs.20.100 [2010002] As rivers swell the ocean, so, Hero, our prayers increase thy might, Though of thyself, O Thunderer, waxing day by day.
avs.20.116 [2011602] O Vritra slayer, we were thought slow and unready for the fray: Yet once in thy great bounty may we have delight, O Hero, after praising thee.
avs.20.118 [2011801] Indra with all thy saving helps give us assistance, Lord of Power For after thee we follow even as glorious bliss, thee, Hero, finder out of wealth.
avs.20.125 [2012501] Drive all our enemies away, O Indra, the western, mighty Conqueror, and the eastern, Hero, drive off our northern foes and southern, that we in thy wide shelter may be joyful.
avs.20.128 [2012813] Easily conquering Maghavan, thou, Hero, bentest Raji down, Rentest asunder Rauhina, calvest in pieces Vritra s head.
avs.20.137 [2013712] We make this Indra very strong to strike the mighty Vritra dead: A vigorous Hero shall he be.

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