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avs.6.127 O Plant, Of penetrating pain, thou Herb, let not a particle remain.
avs.7.38 [0703801] I dig this Healing Herb that makes my lover look on me and weep; That bids the parting friend return and kindly greets him as he comes.
avs.7.38 [0703802] This Herb wherewith the Asuri drew Indra downward from the Gods, With this same Herb I draw thee close that I may be most dear to thee.
avs.7.38 [0703805] If thou art far away beyond the rivers, far away from men, This Herb shall seem to bind thee fast and bring thee back my prisoner.
avs.8.7 [0800723] Well doth the wild boar know a Plant, the mungoose knows the Healing Herb.
avs.18.3 sweetly on thee the rain descend! O full of coolness, thou cool Plant, full of fresh moisture, fresh ening Herb, Bless us in waters, female Frog: calm and allay this Agni here.

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