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avs.1.32 In praise of Heaven and Earth
avs.1.32 To Earth and all possessing Heaven mine adoration have I paid.
avs.2.10 With spell and prayer I make thee pure and sinless: to thee be both, the Earth and Heaven, auspicious!
avs.2.10 With spell and prayer I make thee pure and sinless: to thee be both, the Earth and Heaven, auspicious!
avs.2.12 [0201201] The spacious Firmament, and Earth and Heaven, the Field s Queen, and the wonderful Wide Strider, Yea, the broad middle air which Vata guardeth, may these now burn with heat while I am burning.
avs.2.12 [0201205] O Heaven and Earth, regard me with your favour, and, all ye Gods, stand on my side and help me.
avs.2.12 May Heaven consume the man who hates devotion.
avs.2.15 [0201601] As Heaven and Earth are not afraid, and never suffer loss or harm, Even so, my spirit, fear not thou.
avs.2.16 [0201602] Guard me from overhearing, Earth and Heaven! All hail to you!
avs.2.28 [0202804] Let Heaven thy father and let Earth thy mother, accordant, give thee death in course of nature, That thou mayst live on Aditi s bosom, guarded, a hundred winters, through thy respirations.
avs.2.29 Let him, O Heaven and Earth, rest in your bosom.
avs.2.29 These twain have given him vigour, Earth and Heaven, and all the Gods, the Maruts, and the Waters.
avs.3.4 Propitious unto thee be Earth and Heaven.
avs.3.9 [0300901] Heaven is the sire, the mother Earth, of Karsapha and Visapha.
avs.3.23 [0302306] May those celestial herbs whose sire was Heaven, the Earth their mother, and their root the ocean.
avs.4.1 [0400104] For he, true to the law of Earth and Heaven, established both the mighty worlds securely.
avs.4.8 [0400805] Heaven s waters joyous in their milk, the waters of middle air, and those that earth containeth I with the gathered power and might of all these waters sprinkle thee,
avs.4.22 [0402204] Like milch kine yielding milk for warm libations, pour, Heaven and Earth! on him full many a blessing.
avs.4.26 A hymn to Heaven and Earth
avs.4.26 [0402601] O Heaven and Earth, I think on you, wise, givers of abundant gifts, ye who through measureless expanses have spread forth.
avs.4.26 [0402602] Yea, seats and homes are ye of goodly treasures, grown strong, divine, blessed, and far extending, To me, O Heaven and Earth, be ye auspicious.
avs.4.26 To me, O Heaven and Earth, be ye auspicious.
avs.4.26 [0402604] Ye who maintain Amrit and sacrifices, ye who support rivers and human beings, To me, O Heaven and Earth, be ye auspicious, Deliver us, ye twain, from grief and trouble.
avs.4.26 [0402605] Ye by whom cows and forest trees are cherished within whose range all creatures are included, To me, O Heaven and Earth, be ye auspicious.
avs.4.26 [0402606] Ye who delight in nectar and in fatness, ye without whom men have no strength or power, To me, O Heaven and Earth, be ye auspicious.
avs.4.26 I, suppliant, praise Heaven, Earth, and oft invoke them.
avs.4.30 I rouse and order battle for the people, and I have penetrated Earth and Heaven.
avs.4.39 [0403906] Heaven is the Cow, her calf Aditya.
avs.5.1 The utterance of Heaven and Earth is truthful.
avs.5.9 A prayer to Heaven and Earth for protection and assistance
avs.5.9 [0500901] All hail to Heaven!
avs.5.9 [0500905] All hail to Heaven!
avs.5.9 I verily who never have been conquered give up my life toe Heaven and Earth for keeping. [p. a165]
avs.5.12 [0501209] Hotar more skilled in sacrifice, bring hither with speed to day God Tvashar, thou who knowest, Even him who formed these two, the Earth and Heaven, the Parents, with their forms, and every creature.
avs.5.14 [0501412] Straighter than any arrow let it fly against him, Heaven and Earth.
avs.5.18 He who acts thus is loathed by Earth and Heaven.
avs.5.23 [0502301] I have called Heaven and Earth to aid, have called divine Sarasvati, Indra and Agni have I called: Let these destroy the worm, I prayed.
avs.5.24 [0502403] May Heaven and Earth, the Queens of bounties, save me.
avs.6.3 [0600302] May Heaven and Earth take care of us for victory, may Pressing Stone and Soma save us from distress.
avs.6.4 With ceaseless care deliver us, Wide Ranger! O Father Heaven, keep from us all misfortunes.
avs.6.7 [0700603] Sinless may we ascend, for weal, the vessel, rowed with good oars, divine, that never leaketh, Earth, our strong guard, incomparable Heaven, Aditi wisely lead ing, well protecting.
avs.6.10 [0601003] All hail for vision to the Stars, to Heaven, to Surya, sovran Lord!
avs.6.31 Advancing to his father Heaven. [p. a214]
avs.6.40 [0604001] Here may we dwell, O Heaven and Earth, in safety.
avs.6.53 [0605301] May Heaven and Earth, wise pair, may lofty Sukra grant me this thing by reason of the guerdon.
avs.6.58 May Heaven and Earth, this couple, make me famous.
avs.6.58 [0605802] Indra from Heaven and Earth receiveth glory among the plants the Waters have their glory; Even so may we be glorious amid all the Universal Gods.
avs.6.62 [0606201] Cleanse us Vaisvanara with rays of splendour! With breath and clouds let quickening Vayu cleanse us. [p. a229] And, rich in milky rain, let Earth and Heaven, worshipful, holy, cleanse us with their water.
avs.6.86 [0608601] This is the Lord of Indra, this the Lord of Heaven, the Lord of Earth, The Lord of all existing things: the one and only Lord be thou,
avs.6.94 [0609403] I have invoked both Heaven and Earth, invoked divine Sarasvati, Indra and Agni have I called: Sarasvati, so may we thrive!
avs.6.100 [0610001] The Gods and Surya gave the gift, the Earth and Heaven best owed the boon.
avs.6.120 [0612001] If we have injured Air, or Earth, or Heaven, if we have wronged our Mother or our Father, May Agni Garhapatya here absolve us, and bear us up into the world of virtue.
avs.7.6 [0700603] Sinless may we ascend, for weal, the vessel, rowed with good oars, divine, that never leaketh, Earth, our strong guard, incomparable Heaven, Aditi wisely lead ing, well protecting.
avs.7.21 [0702101] With prayer come all together to the Lord of Heaven: he is the peerless one, far reaching, guest of men.
avs.7.30 [0703001] Heaven, Earth, and Mitra here have caused mine eyes to be anointed well, Savitar, Brahmanaspati take care that they be duly balmed!
avs.7.102 [0710201] When I have worshipped Heaven and Earth, reverenced Firmament and Death, I will make water standing up.
avs.7.112 [0711201] Radiant with light are Heaven and Earth, whose grace is nigh, whose sway is vast.
avs.8.1 Be Heaven and Earth and Sun and Moon thy keepers, and from the dart of Gods may Air protect thee.
avs.8.2 [0800214] Gracious to thee be Heaven and Earth, bringing no grief, and drawing nigh! Pleasantly shine the Sun for thee, the Wind blow sweetly to thy heart! Let the celestial Waters full of milk flow happily for thee.
avs.8.5 [0800503] With this same Amulet wise Indra routed the Asuras, with this he slaughtered Vritra, With this he won this pair, both Earth and Heaven, and made the sky s four regions his possession.
avs.8.5 [0800518] My coat of mail is Heaven and Earth, my coat of mail is Day and Sun: A coat of mail may Indra and Agni and Dhatar grant to me.
avs.8.7 The father of these Herbs was Heaven, their mother Earth, the Sea their root.
avs.8.7 [0800720] Asvattha, Darbha, King of Plants, is Soma, deathless sacrifice Barley and Rice are healing balms, the sons of Heaven who never die.
avs.8.8 [0800821] Let Heaven and Earth roar out in wrath against them, and Air with all the Deities in concert, Let them not find a surety or a refuge, but torn away go down to Death together.
avs.8.8 Its sides are Heaven and Earth, its reins the Seasons, Voice is its hood, its grooms are sky s mid regions.
avs.8.9 [0800916] Six Elements arose, first born of Order: the six day time is carried by six Samans. [p. a348] Six yoked the plough is, as each trace is numbered: they call both broad ones six; six, Earth and Heaven.
avs.9.1 [0900121] The Whip itself is Heaven, Earth is the handle, the point of juncture is the Air s mid region.
avs.9.4 Thy sacrificial grass be Earth and Heaven!
avs.9.10 [0901017] Seven germs unripened yet are Heaven s prolific seed: their functions they maintain by Vishnu s ordinance.
avs.10.8 [1000812] The infinite to every side extended, the finite and the infinite around us, These twain Heaven s Lord divides as he advances, knowing the past hereof and all the future
avs.10.10 [1001030] The Cow is Heaven, the Cow is Earth, the Cow is Vishnu, Lord of Life.
avs.11.3 Heaven and Earth are the ears, the Sun and Moon are the eyes, the seven Rishis are the vital airs inhaled and exhaled. [p. 50] 3.
avs.11.3 With Heaven and Earth as ears, with these I have eaten it, with these I have come to it.
avs.11.6 [1100610] We speak to Constellations, Heaven, to Earth, to Genii, and to Hills, To Seas, to Rivers, and to Lakes: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.7 [1100702] The Residue of Sacrifice holdeth Earth, Heaven, and all that is: The Residue of Sacrifice holdeth sea, waters, Moon, and Wind.
avs.12.1 [1200153] Heaven, Earth, the realm of Middle Air have granted me this ample room, Agni, Sun, Waters, all the Gods have joined to give me mental power.
avs.12.1 Of one accord with Heaven, O Sage, set me in glory and in wealth.
avs.12.3 [1200320] Three worlds hath Power Divine marked out and measured, Heaven yonder, and the earth, and airs mid region.
avs.13.1 So by the potent Sakvaris let Heaven and Earth be milked to yield thee all thy wishes.
avs.13.1 He with his might hath stab lished Earth and Heaven.
avs.13.1 [1300107] Rohita firmly stablished Earth and Heaven: by him was ether fixt by him the welkin.
avs.13.2 [1300205] Let them not snare thee speeding on thy journey: pass safely, swiftly places hard to traverse, While measuring out the day and night thou movest O Surya, even Heaven and Earth the Goddess.
avs.13.4 [1300433] From Heaven was he produced: and Heaven derives his origin from him.
avs.14.1 [1400154] May Indra Agni, Heaven Earth, Matarisvan, may Mitra Varuna, Bhaga, both the Asvins, Brihaspati, the host of Maruts, Brahma, and Soma magnify this dame with offspring.
avs.14.2 [1400245] Splendid are Heaven and Earth, still near to bless us, mighty in their power; The seven streams have flowed: may they, Goddesses, free us from distress
avs.15.4 [1500406] They made the two Dewy months his protectors from the region of the zenith, and Heaven and the Adityas superintendents.
avs.15.10 [1501006] Now this Earth is Brihaspati, and Heaven is Indra.
avs.15.10 [1501011] Who knows that Aditya is Royalty and that Heaven is Indra.
avs.15.17 [1501703] His third diffused breath is that Heaven.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of Heaven and Earth, etc.
avs.18.1 Bring Heaven and Earth, the Deities Parents, hither: stay with us here, nor from the Gods be absent.
avs.18.1 [1800129] Heaven and Earth, first by everlasting Order, speakers of truth, are near enough to hear us, When the God, urging men to worship, sitteth as Priest, assum ing all his vital vigour.
avs.18.1 that ye may make me prosper: hear, Heaven and Earth, twain worlds that drop with fatness! While days and Gods go to the world of spirits, have let the Parents with sweet mead refresh us.
avs.18.4 [1800458] Far seeing he flows on, the Bull, the Lord of hymns, promoter of the Sun, of Days, of Dawns, of Heaven.
avs.18.4 Hear this my call, O Heaven and Earth.
avs.19.10 Auspicious unto us be Earth and Heaven, the Mountain and the Gods fair invocations. [p. 221]
avs.19.10 [1901005] Early invoked may Heaven and Earth be friendly, and Air s mid region good for us to look on.
avs.19.14 Both Heaven and, Earth have shown me grace and favour.
avs.19.15 [1901505] May air s mid region give us peace and safety, safety may both these, Heaven and Earth, afford us.
avs.19.17 [1901705] Surya with Earth and Heaven from the western region guard me well.
avs.19.18 [1901805] Let those who vex me from the western quarter, sinners, praise Surya linked with Earth and Heaven.
avs.19.19 [1901903] Surya arose with Heaven.
avs.19.20 [1902004] My shield is Heaven and Earth, my shield is the bright Day, my shield the Sun.
avs.19.47 Thou spreadest forth on high unto the seats of Heaven: dark ness that strikes with awe comes near.
avs.20.34 [2003414] Heaven, even, and the earth bow down before him, before his very breath the mountains tremble.
avs.20.48 [2004804] This brindled Bull hath come and sat before the Mother in the east, Advancing to the Father Heaven.
avs.20.91 Hear this, O Heaven and Earth, ye all producers.
avs.20.91 O Heaven and Earth, with all the Gods, protect us.
avs.20.113 [2011302] For him, strong independent Ruler, Heaven and Earth have fashioned forth for power and might.
avs.20.143 [2014302] Asvins, ye gained that glory by your Godhead, ye Sons of Heaven, by your own might and power.

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