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avs.2.30 [0203001] As the wind shake this Tuft of Grass hither and thither on the ground. [p. a57] So do I stir and shake thy mind, that thou mayst be in love with me, my darling, never to depart.
avs.5.12 [0501204] By rule the Sacred Grass is scattered eastward, a robe to clothe this earth when dawns are breaking.
avs.5.13 [0501305] Listen to me, Black Snakes and hateful creatures, Lurker in Grass, Karaita, and Brown, and Spotty, Approach not near the house my friend inhabits: give warning, and rest quiet with your poison.
avs.5.22 And Grass, and glowing Fuel banish Fever.
avs.7.98 [0709801] Balmed is the Grass with butter and libation, with Indra.
avs.7.99 [0709901] Strew thou the Grass, and spread it on the Altar: rob not the sister who is lying yonder.
avs.9.3 [0900317] Grass covered, clad with straw, the house, like Night, gives rest to man and beast.
avs.9.6 [0900608] What they spread upon the floor is just Sacrificial Grass.
avs.10.9 [1000902] Thy skin shall be the Altar; let thine hair become the Sacred Grass.
avs.10.10 Atharvan, consecrated, sate upon the Sacred Grass of gold.
avs.10.10 sate upon the Sacred Grass of gold.
avs.19.10 Kind be the fixing of the Sacred Pillars, kind be the tender Grass, and kind the Altar.

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