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avs.2.9 [0200901] Free this man, Dasavriksha! from the demon, from Grahi who hath seized his joints and members, And raise him up again, O Tree, into the world of living men.
avs.2.10 [0201008] The Gods have freed from, sinfulness, redeeming the Sun, the Law from darkness and from Grahi.
avs.6.113 A charm to banish the fiend Grahi
avs.8.2 [0800212] Far off we drive Malignity, Destruction, Pisachas banqueters on flesh, and Grahi.
avs.12.2 [1200239] When a dame s husband dies the house is tangled in Grahi s net.
avs.12.3 [1200318] We have subdued that sinful hearted Grahi.
avs.16.5 Thou art the son of Grahi, the minister of Yama.
avs.16.7 With Grahi I pierce him.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of Grahi.
avs.19.45 So let the Chaturvira keep us guarded from the four bonds of Nirriti and Grahi.

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