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avs.1.26 [0102602] Our friend be that Celestial Grace, Indra and Bhaga be our friends, and Savitar with splendid Wealth. [p. a25]
avs.6.131 [0613102] Assent to this, O Heavenly Grace! Celestial Purpose, guide it well! Send forth the charm, ye Deities! Let him consume with love of me.
avs.7.24 [0702401] What treasure hath been dug for us by Indra, by Agni, Visve devas, tuneful Maruts, On us may Savitar whose laws are faithful, Prajapati, and Heavenly Grace bestow it.
avs.10.8 [1000831] Known by the name of Guardian Grace the Deity sits girt by Right.

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