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avs.1.13 be our homage, Goddess!
avs.2.25 [0202501] The Goddess Prisniparni hath blest us, and troubled Nirriti.
avs.2.25 [0202505] Drive and imprison in a hill these Kanvas harassers of life: Follow them Prisniparni, thou Goddess, like fire consuming.
avs.3.8 I call the Goddess Aditi, heroes mother, that I may be the centre of my kinsmen.
avs.3.12 [0301205] Queen of the home! thou, sheltering, kindly Goddess, wast sta blished by the Gods in the beginning.
avs.3.20 [0302003] Let Aryaman vouchsafe us, wealth, and Bhaga, and Brihaspati, The Goddesses grant wealth to us, Sunrita, Goddess, give me wealth!
avs.4.20 [0402001] It sees in front, it sees behind, it sees afar away, it sees The sky, the firmament, and earth: all this, O Goddess, it beholds.
avs.6.3 Sarasvati, auspicious Goddess, guard us well: preserve us Agni and his kind protecting powers.
avs.6.23 [0602301] Here flow the restless ones, they flow unceasing through the day and night, Most excellently wise I call the Goddess Waters hitherward.
avs.6.38 [0603801] What energy the lion hath, the tiger, adder, and burning fire, Brahman, or Surya, And the blest Goddess who gave birth to Indra, come unto us conjoined with strength and vigour!
avs.6.38 [0603802] All energy of elephant and panther, all energy of gold, men, kine, and waters, [p. a217] And the blest Goddess who gave birth to Indra come unto us conjoined with strength and vigour.
avs.6.38 [0603803] Might in car, axles, in the strong bull s courage, in Varuna s breath, in Vata, in Parjanya, In Warrior, in the war drum stretched for battle, in the man s roar and in the horse s mettle, May the blest Goddess who gave birth to Indra come unto us conjoined with strength and vigour.
avs.6.63 [0606301] That collar round thy neck, not to be loosened, which Nirriti the Goddess bound and fastened, I loose for thy long life and strength and vigour.
avs.6.89 [0608903] May Varuna and Mitra, may Sarasvati the Goddess, May the centre of the earth, and both her limits bring thee close to me.
avs.6.136 [0613601] Born from the bosom of wide Earth the Goddess, godlike Plant, art thou: So we, Nitatni! dig thee up to strengthen and fix fast the hair.
avs.7.20 Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, give us progeny. [p. a279]
avs.7.20 May we enjoy thy gracious love, O Goddess.
avs.7.27 A prayer to Ida, Goddess of devotion
avs.7.46 [0704601] O broad tressed Sinivali, thou who art the sister of the Gods, Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.
avs.7.46 [0704603] Thou who as Queen of men art Indra s equal, a Goddess coming with a thousand tresses, To thee our sacrifices are performed, O Consort of Vishnu Goddess, urge thy Lord to bounty!
avs.7.47 [0704701] Oft in this sacrifice with favoured cry I call Kuhu, beneficent Goddess, skilled in all her works.
avs.7.68 [0706801] Sarasvati, in thy decrees, Goddess, in thy celestial laws, Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.
avs.9.3 [0900307] Store house of Soma, Agni s hall, the ladies bower, the resi dence, The seat of Gods art thou, O Goddess House. [p. a363]
avs.9.4 [0900402] He who at first became the Waters model, a match for everyone, like Earth the Goddess; The husband of the cows, the young calves father, may be secure us thousandfold abundance.
avs.10.2 [1000207] He set within the jaws the tongue that reaches far, and thereon placed Speech the mighty Goddess.
avs.10.5 This offering, and the mightiest Goddess, the Fuel, eat him up!
avs.10.8 The mighty Goddess of the Morn, refulgent with one eye, looketh round with one that winketh,
avs.10.9 [1000907] Thine Immolators, Goddess! and the men who dress thee for the feast, all these will guard thee, Hundredfold Oblation! Have no fear of them.
avs.10.9 Make them thy wings, O Goddess, and bear him who dresses thee to heaven.
avs.11.1 [1100108] May this great Earth receive the skin, this Goddess Prithivi, showing us her love and favour.
avs.12.1 [1200144] May Earth the Goddess, she who bears her treasure stored up in many a place, gold, gems, and riches, Giver of opulence, grant great possessions to us bestowing them with love and favour.
avs.12.1 [1200155] There, when the Gods, O Goddess, named thee, spreading thy wide expanse as thou wast broadening eastward, Then into thee passed many a charm and glory: thou madest for thyself the world s four regions.
avs.12.3 Guard thou, O Goddess Aditi, all bounteous, our cooked oblation as an active warder.
avs.12.3 Let the rice mess these two cook here, O Goddess, know this our truthfulness and zealous fervour.
avs.12.5 [1200565] So, Goddess Cow, do thou from him, the Brahmans tyrant, criminal, niggard, blasphemer of the Gods,
avs.13.2 [1300205] Let them not snare thee speeding on thy journey: pass safely, swiftly places hard to traverse, While measuring out the day and night thou movest O Surya, even Heaven and Earth the Goddess.
avs.14.1 [1400147] I place upon the lap of Earth the Goddess, a firm auspicious stone to bring thee children.
avs.16.6 [1600605] May the Goddess Dawn in accord with Speech, and the Goddess Speech in accord with Dawn,
avs.18.1 [1800143] Sarasvati, who comest with the Fathers, joying in hymns, O Goddess, and oblations, Give plenteous wealth to this the sacrificer, a portion, worth a thousand, of refreshment.
avs.18.2 [1800225] Let not a tree oppness thee, nor Earth the great Goddess weigh thee down.
avs.18.4 [1800439] Giving the son and grandson satisfaction, let these the present Waters full of sweetness, Pouring forth food and Amrit for the Fathers, refresh both these and those, the Goddess Waters.
avs.18.4 [1800447] Sarasvati, who tamest with them, joying in hymns and food, O Goddess, with the Fathers, Here give the Sacrificer growth of riches, a portion, worth a thousand, of refreshment.
avs.19.4 [1900402] In front I set Intention, blessed Goddess.
avs.19.9 [1900903] Quickened by Prayer, this Goddess Vak who standeth in the highest place, By whom the awful spell was made, even through her to us be peace!
avs.20.21 May we obtain the Goddess Providence, the strength of heroes, special source of cattle, rich in steeds.
avs.20.107 [2010715] Even as a lover followeth a maiden, so doth the Sun the Dawn, refulgent Goddess: Where pious men extend their generations before the Gracious One for happy fortune.
avs.20.132 [2013211] Where beating will the Goddess beat again again about the house?
avs.20.142 [2014201] Together with the Goddess, with the Asvins Speech have I awoke.
avs.20.142 Thou, Goddess, hast disclosed the hymn and holy gift from mortal men.
avs.20.142 [2014202] Awake the Asvins, Goddess Dawn! Up, mighty Lady of Sweet Strains! Rise straightway, priest of sacrifice! High glory to the glad dening draught!

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