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avs.1.7 [0100701] Bring the Kimidin hither, bring the Yatudhana self declared For Agni, God, thou, lauded, hast become the Dasyu s slaughterer.
avs.1.10 [0101002] Homage be paid, King Varuna, to thine anger; for thou, dread God, detectest every falsehood.
avs.1.18 May Savitar the God graciously further thee. [p. a18]
avs.1.20 [0102001] May it glide harmless by in this our sacrifice, O Soma, God! Maruts, be gracious unto us.
avs.1.25 [0102502] If thou be fiery glow, or inflammation, or if thy birthplace call for chips of fuel, Rack is thy name, God of the sickly yellow! O Fever, yielding to our prayer avoid us.
avs.1.25 [0102503] Be thou distress, or agonizing torment, be thou the son King Varuna hath begotten, Rack is thy name, God of the sickly yellow! O Fever, yielding to our prayer avoid us.
avs.1.28 [0102801] God Agni hath come forth to us, fiend slayer, chaser of disease, Burning the Yatudhanas up, Kimidins, and deceitful ones.
avs.1.28 [0102802] Consume the Yatudhanas, God! meet the Kimidins with thy flame: Burn up the Yatudhanis as they face thee, thou whose path is black!
avs.1.29 [0102903] Soma and Savitar the God have strengthened and exalted thee: All elements have aided thee, to make thee general conqueror.
avs.1.31 Let the strong Warder God, who keeps the regions bring to us hither safety and well being.
avs.2.2 Fast with my spell, celestial God, I hold thee.
avs.2.2 Lord of the World, may the Gandharva bless us, the friendly God who only must be worshipped.
avs.2.34 [0203403] Those who are looking, deep in meditation, on the bound ani mal with eye and spirit To them, the first, may Agni, God, give freedom, rejoicing in his creatures, Visvakarman.
avs.2.34 alike in nature To them, the first, may Vayu, God, give freedom, Prajapati.
avs.2.36 [0203602] As bliss beloved by Soma, dear to Prayer, and stored by Arya man, With the God Dhatar s truthfulness I work the bridal oracle.
avs.3.13 [0301304] One only God set foot on you flowing according to your will, [p. a81] The mighty ones breathed upward fast: hence; Water is the name they bear.
avs.3.20 Incite thou us, O God, to give, and send us riches to bestow.
avs.3.21 [0302103] The Fire that rideth by the side of Indra, the God Vaisvanara,.
avs.3.21 [0302104] The all devouring God whom men call Kama, he whom they call the Giver and Receiver, Invincible, pervading, wise, and mighty to all these Fires be this oblation offered.
avs.3.24 The God whose name is Gatherer, him we invoke who dwelleth in his house who sacrifices not.
avs.4.1 [0400106] The sage and poet verily advanceth the statute of that mighty God primeval.
avs.4.1 [0400107] The man who seeks the friend of Gods, Atharvan the father, and Brihaspati, with worship, Crying to him, Be thou all things creator! the wise God, self dependent, never injures.
avs.4.10 [0401005] From ocean sprang the Amulet, from Vritra sprang the Lord of Day: May this protect us round about from shaft of God and Asura.
avs.4.20 [0402004] The God who hath a thousand eyes give me this Plant in my right hand! I look on every one therewith, each Sudra and each Aryan man.
avs.4.25 [0402507] Like noblest benisons they have stayed in the God loving man s abode.
avs.4.32 [0403202] Manyu was Indra, yea, the God was Manyu; Manyu was Hotar Varuna, Jatavedas.
avs.4.32 [0403205] I have departed still without a portion, wise God! according to thy will, the mighty.
avs.4.35 [0403507] I drive away the hostile God despiser: far off be those who are mine adversaries, I dress Brahmaudana that winneth all things.
avs.4.39 [0403910] Skilled in all ways, O God, O Jatavedas, I offer what is cleansed by heart and spirit.
avs.5.2 [0500204] If verily in every war the sages joy and exult in thee who win nest treasures, With mightier power, strong God, extend thy firmness: let not malevolent Kaokas harm thee.
avs.5.3 [0500309] Lord of the world, Creator and Disposer, may the God Savitar who quells assailants, May the Adityas, Rudras, both the Asvins, Gods, guard the sacrificer from destruction.
avs.5.8 I cast him to the God of Death.
avs.5.11 [0501101] How, terrible in might, hast thou here spoken to the great God, how to the gold hued Father! Thy mind watched, greedy Varuna! to recover the brindled cow thou hadst bestowed as guerdon.
avs.5.11 [0501111] God, giving life unto the god who lauds me, Sage strengthener of the sage who sings my praises.
avs.5.12 [0501201] Thou in the house of man this day enkindled worshippest Gods as God, O Jatavedas.
avs.5.12 [0501209] Hotar more skilled in sacrifice, bring hither with speed to day God Tvashar, thou who knowest, Even him who formed these two, the Earth and Heaven, the Parents, with their forms, and every creature.
avs.5.14 [0501403] As it were a strip cut round from skin of a white footed an telope, Bind, like a golden chain, O God, his witchcraft on the sorcerer.
avs.5.18 [0501808] His voice an arrow s neck, his tongue a bowstring, his windpipes fire enveloped heads of arrows, [p. a177] With these the Brahman pierces through blasphemers, with God sped bows that quell the hearts within them.
avs.5.21 Varuna, great God and sovran, Indra too, aye, Death,
avs.5.25 [0502504] Let Mitra Varuna and God Brihaspati lay the germ in thee.
avs.5.26 [0502602] May Savitar the God All hail! foreknowing, chief in this sacrifice, employ them.
avs.5.27 [0502702] God among Gods, the God bedews the paths with fatness and with mead.
avs.5.27 [0502703] With store of mead to sacrifice comes Agni, comes Narasansa Agni, friendly minded, comes Savitar, righteous God who brings all blessings.
avs.5.27 [0502711] This our nutritious genial flow, God Tvashtar! and growth of wealth, pour down on this man s kindred.
avs.5.27 [0502712] Vanaspati, rejoicing, of thyself send God ward! Let Agni, Immolator, sweeten our libation.
avs.5.28 [0502811] The God who first bound on in the beginning the deities im mortal golden castle, Him I salute with ten extended fingers.
avs.6.1 [0600101] Sing, Atharvana, at eve, sing loudly, bring a splendid present: hymn God Savitar with praises.
avs.6.1 [0600103] Savitar our God shall send us many everlasting treasures, that both paths may well be travelled.
avs.6.3 Do thou, God Tvashtar, make us strong for health and wealth.
avs.6.5 May Soma bless him, and the God here present, Brahmanaspati.
avs.6.19 [0601903] God Savitar, byboth of these, filter and pressing out this juice, purify us that we may see.
avs.6.23 [0602303] Let all the people celebrate the rite of Savitar the God.
avs.6.31 To Surya the Sun God
avs.6.51 [0605103] O Varuna, whatever the offence may be, the sin which men commit against the heavenly folk [p. a224] When, through our want of thought we violate thy laws, punish us not, O God, for that iniquity.
avs.6.55 [0605501] Of all the many God frequented pathways that traverse realms between the earth and heaven, Consign me, all ye Gods to that which leadeth to perfect and inviolable safety.
avs.6.61 [0606101] The Waters send me what is sweet and pleasant, Sura bring all I need for light and vision! The deities, and all of pious nature, and Savitar the God afford me freedom!
avs.6.76 [0607602] For length of life I use the name of Agni the Consuming God, Whose smoke the sage who knows the truth beholds proceeding.
avs.6.79 [0607903] Thou, God bedewed with drops, art Lord of infinite prosperity.
avs.6.85 [0608503] Even as Vritra checked and stayed these waters flowing every way, With Agni, God of all mankind.
avs.6.88 [0608802] Stedfast may Varuna the King, stedfast the God Brihaspati, Stedfast may Indra stedfast, too, may Agni keep thy stedfast reign.
avs.6.92 May he, unswerving, to uphold the mighty, stablish his lustre as a God in heaven.
avs.6.99 O Savitar, thou God, O royal Soma, make thou me pious minded for my welfare.
avs.6.114 [0611401] Whatever God provoking wrong we priests have done, O Deities.
avs.6.123 [0612305] O King, take thou thy stand in heaven, there also let that gift be placed. [p. a259] Recognize, King, the gift which we have given, and be gracious, God!
avs.6.133 [0613301] By the direction of that God we journey, he will seek means to save and he will free us; The God who hath engirt us with this Girdle, he who hath fast ened it, and made us ready.
avs.6.142 [0614202] As we invite and call to thee, Barley, a God who heareth us, Raise thyself up like heaven on high and be exhaustless as the sea.
avs.7.3 To Vayu God of the Wind
avs.7.4 To Vayu God of the Wind
avs.7.11 [0701101] That far spread thunder, sent from thee, which cometh on all this world, a high celestial signal Strike not, O God, our growing corn with lightning, not kill it with the burning rays of Surya.
avs.7.14 [0701401] I praise this God, parent of heaven and earth, exceeding wiser possessed of real energy, giver of treasure, thinker dear to all,.
avs.7.14 [0701403] As thou, God! quickening, for our ancient father, sentest him height above and room about him, So unto us, O Savitar, send treasures, abundant, day by day, in shape of cattle.
avs.7.14 [0701404] Savitar, God, our household friend, most precious, hath sent our fathers life and power and riches.
avs.7.17 May we obtain the favour of the God who giveth every boon.
avs.7.20 God protected, may she assist the sacrifice we offer.
avs.7.21 He, God of ancient time, hath gained a recent thrall; to him alone is turned the path which all must tread.
avs.7.25 [0702502] The early prayer hath ever come to Vishnu and Varuna by that God s high power and statute.
avs.7.53 [0705307] From out the depth of darkness, we, ascending to the highest heaven, Have come to the sublimest light, to Surya, God among the.
avs.7.63 May he conveyus over all distresses, may the God Agni bear us past our troubles.
avs.7.70 I with the anger of the God Agni have killed thy sacrifice. [p. a300]
avs.7.97 [0709702] With kine connect us, and with spirit, Indra! Lord of Bay Steeds, with princes and with favour, With the God destined portion of the Brahmans, and the good will of Gods who merit worship.
avs.7.97 [0709703] The willing Gods whom, God, thou hast brought hither, send thou to their own dwelling place, O Agni.
avs.7.106 [0710601] Each thoughtless ill that we have done, O Agni, all error in our conduct, Jatavedas! Therefrom do thou, O sapient God, preserve us.
avs.7.109 [0710905] The God who found for us this wealth for gambling, to cast the dice and count the winning number, May he accept the sacrifice we offer, and with Gandharvas revel in the banquet.
avs.7.110 [0711003] The God Brihaspati hath won thy friendly favour with the cup.
avs.8.3 May the God Savitar give them up to ruin, and be their share of herbs and plants denied them.
avs.8.10 They called her, crying, O Vigour, come to us, come hither! God Savitar milked her, he milked forth Vigour.
avs.9.2 A glorification of Kama as God of desire of all that is good
avs.9.2 Yea, on the earth descend the lightning flashes: may the strong God destroy your adversaries.
avs.9.4 Vata, the God, receives the tail: he stirs the plants and herbs therewith, [0900414] To Surya they assigned the skin, to Sinivali inward parts. [p. a367] The Slaughterer hath the feet, they said, when they distributed the Bull.
avs.9.10 Behold the God s high wisdom in its greatness: he who died yesterday to day is living.
avs.10.2 [1000205] Who put together both his arms and said, Let him show manly strength? Who and what God was he who set the shoulderblades upon the trunk?
avs.10.2 [1000208] Who was he, first, of all the Gods who fashioned his skull and brain and occiput and forehead, The pile that Purusha s two jaws supported? Who was that God who mounted up to heaven?
avs.10.2 [1000213] Who wove the vital air in him, who filled him with the down ward breath? What God bestowed on Purusha the general pervading air?
avs.10.2 [1000214] What God, what only Deity placed sacrifice in Purusha? Who gave him truth and falsehood? Whence came Death and immortality?
avs.10.3 [1000324] As glory dwelleth in the Lord of Life and in this God Supreme,.
avs.10.8 [1000822] Useful will he become, and then will he consume great store of food The man who humbly worshippeth the eternal and victorious God.
avs.10.8 This wealth they kill as he looks on, and now this God shines bright therefrom.
avs.10.8 As sole God dwelling in the mind, first born, he still is in the womb.
avs.10.8 Behold the wisdom of the God; he hath not died, he grows not old.
avs.10.8 [1000836] One God inhabiteth the earth we live on; another hath encom passed air s mid region.
avs.10.8 [1000842] Luller to rest, and gatherer up of treasures, Savitar like a God whose laws are constant, hath stood like Indra in the war for riches.
avs.10.9 [1000911] Sprinkling down fatness, to the Gods will the beneficent God dess go.
avs.10.10 [1001006] Her foot is sacrifice, her milk libation, Svadha her breath, Mahiluka the mighty: To the God goes with prayer the Cow who hath Parjanya for her lord.
avs.11.1 [1100120] With thousand streams and Prishthas, undecaying, Brahmaudana is celestial, God reaching.
avs.11.2 [1100212] A yellow bow of gold thou wieldest, slaying its hundred, tufted God! smiting its thousand.
avs.11.2 [1100218] Foremost we go to meet his car, the chariot of the long haired God, Drawn by brown horses, dusky, black, overthrowing, slaying, terrible.
avs.11.2 [1100223] Homage be paid him with ten Sakvari verses who stands established in the air s mid region, slaying non sacrificing God despisers!
avs.11.2 [1100231] Homage to thy loud shouting hosts and thy long haired followers! Homage to hosts that are adored, homage to armies that enjoy Homage to all thy troops, O God.
avs.11.6 [1100603] We call on Savitar the God, on Pushan the establisher, [p. 59] Tvashtar the foremost we address: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.6 [1100604] Gandharvas and Apsarases; the Asvins, Brahmanaspati, Aryaman, God, by name we call: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.6 [1100607] From all that brings a curse may Day and Night and Dawn deliver me, May Soma free me, God to whom they give the name of Chandramas.
avs.11.9 [1100904] The God whose name is Arbudi, and Nyarbudi the Mighty One, The two by whom the air and this great earth are compassed and possessed, With these two friends of Indra I go forth to conquer with the host.
avs.11.9 [1100925] High sway have Maruts, and the God Aditya, Brahmanaspati, High sway have Indra, Agni, and Dilator, Mitra, Prajapati, High sway have Rishis given to you, showing upon our enemies where thou, O Arbudi, hast pierced.
avs.12.1 [1200120] Agni gives shine and heat in heaven: the spacious air is his, the God s Lover of fatness, bearer of oblation, men enkindle him.
avs.12.1 [1200137] The purifier, shrinking from the Serpent, she who held fires that lie within the waters, Who gives as prey the God blaspheming Dasyus, Earth choosing Indra for her Lord, not Vritra, hath clung to Sakra, to the Strong and Mighty.
avs.12.2 [1200212] Agni the God, the Breaker up, hath mounted to the heights of heaven.
avs.12.2 [1200233] That Agni, Fathers! who, himself immortal, hath entered and possessed our mortal bosoms, Even him I grasp and hold the God with me, Let him not hate us, may we never hate him.
avs.12.3 [1200303] Together in this world, in God ward pathway, together be ye in the realms of Yama.
avs.12.3 [1200343] May Agni burn the God denying demon: let no carnivorous.
avs.12.4 [1200411] The God created Cow belongs to those who come to ask for her.
avs.12.5 [1200521] Death is she when she loweth, and a fierce God when she whis keth her tail;
avs.13.1 [1300120] With splendour let God Savitar, and Agni, with splendour Mitra, Varuna invest thee.
avs.13.1 [1300132] Ascending up on high, O God.
avs.13.1 [1300140] A God, thou injurest the Gods: thou movest in the ocean s depth.
avs.13.1 [1300158] Whoever he be who, Surya, God! comes between thee and me to day, On him we wipe away ill dream, and troubles, and impurity.
avs.13.2 The Bright One started from the distant region: dispelling gloom the God hath climbed the heavens.
avs.13.2 [1300209] With lofty banner hath the God gone upward, and introduced the light, expelling darkness.
avs.13.2 [1300216] His heralds bear him up aloft, the God who knoweth all that live, Surya, that all may look on him.
avs.13.2 [1300223] Seven bay steeds harnessed to thy car bear thee, O thou far seeing One, [p. 117] God, Surya, with the radiant hair.
avs.13.2 [1300226] Dear unto all men, facing all directions, with hands and palms on every side extended, He, the sole God, engendering earth and heaven, beareth them with his wings and arms together.
avs.13.2 Thou hast pervaded both the seas with splendour: a God art thou, O God, light winner, mighty.
avs.13.3 [1300301] He who engendered these, the earth and heaven, who made the worlds the mantle that he weareth, In whom abide the six wide spreading regions through which the Bird s keen vision penetrateth, This God is wroth offended by the sinner who wrongs the Brahman who hath gained this knowledge Agitate him, O Rohita; destroy him: entangle in thy snares the Brahmana s tyrant.
avs.13.3 [1300302] He from whom winds blow pure in ordered season, from whom the seas flow forth in all directions, [p. 121] This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300303] He who takes life away, he who bestows it; from whom comes breath to every living creature, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300304] Who with the breath he draws sates earth and heaven, with expiration fills the ocean s belly, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300305] In whom Viraj, Prajapati, Parameshthin, Agni Vaisvanara abide with Pankti, He who hath taken to himself the breathing of the Supreme, the vigour of the Highest, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300306] On whom rest six expenses and five regions, four waters, and three syllables of worship, He who hath looked between both spheres in anger, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300307] He who, consuming food, became its master, the Lord of Prayer, the Regent of Devotion, The world s Lord, present and to be hereafter, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300308] He who metes out the thirteenth month, constructed with days and nights, containing thirty members, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 They have come hither from the seat of Order, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 Kasyapa, thou hast refulgent, what brightly shining lotus flower collected, Wherein are gathered seven Suns together, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc. [p. 122]
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300315] This is the God who dwells within the waters, the thousand rooted, many powered Atri, He who brought all this world into existence.
avs.13.3 This God; etc.
avs.13.3 [1300316] With flying feet his tawny coursers carry the bright God through, the sky, aglow with splendour.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300322] He who, as soon as born, laid broad earth open, and set the ocean in the air s mid region, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God, etc.
avs.13.3 [1300324] Giver of breath, giver of strength and vigour, he whose com mandment all the Gods acknowledge, He who is Lord of this, of man and cattle, This God, etc.
avs.13.3 This God is wroth offended by the sinner that wrongs the Brahman who hath gained this knowledge.
avs.13.4 [1300415] To him who knoweth this God as simple and one.
avs.13.4 [1300424] To him who knoweth this God as simple and One.
avs.14.1 [1400104] When they begin to drink thee, then, O God, thou swellest out again.
avs.14.1 Asvins, when The Sun God Savitar bestowed his willing Surya on her lord.
avs.14.1 [1400149] God Savitar shall take thy hand, and Soma the King shall make thee rich in goodly offspring, Let Agni, Lord Omniscient, make thee happy, till old old age a wife unto thy husband.
avs.14.1 [1400151] Bhaga and Savitar the God have clasped that hand of thine in theirs, By rule and law thou art my wife: the master of thy house am I.
avs.14.2 [1400224] Step on the skin and wait upon this Agni: he is the God who drives away all demons.
avs.14.2 The God is gone to the remotest region, and we have come where men prolong existence.
avs.15.5 [1500504] They made the Awful God, the Archer, his deliverer from the intermediate space of the northern region, etc, as above.
avs.18.1 [1800105] Even in the womb God Tvashtar, vivifier, shaping all forms, Creator, made us consorts.
avs.18.1 [1800129] Heaven and Earth, first by everlasting Order, speakers of truth, are near enough to hear us, When the God, urging men to worship, sitteth as Priest, assum ing all his vital vigour.
avs.18.1 [1800130] As God comprising Gods by Law eternal, bear, as the chief who knoweth, our oblation, Smoke bannered with the fuel, radiant, joyous, better to praise and worship, Priest for ever.
avs.18.1 [1800132] When the Cow s nectar wins the God completely, men here below are heaven s and earth s sustainers All the Gods come to this thy heavenly Yajus which from the motley Pair milked oil and water
avs.18.1 There let God Savitar, Aditi, and Mitra proclaim to Varuna that we are sinless.
avs.18.1 Then shalt thou look on both the Kings enjoying their sacred food, God Varuna and Yama.
avs.18.2 May Savitar the God conduct thee thither where dwell the pious who have gone before thee. [p. 189]
avs.18.3 Eat, thou God, the gifts we bring thee.
avs.18.3 [1800348] Come, Agni, come with countless ancient Fathers, dwellers in light, primeval, God adorers, [p. 196] Eaters and drinkers of oblation, truthful, who travel with the Deities and Indra.
avs.18.4 Tread thou God travelled paths whereby the righteous, payers of sacrifices, go to Svarga.
avs.18.4 [1800414] Fain to fly up from the sky s ridge to heaven, the worshipper hath mounted visible Agni. [p. 203] Lucid from out the mist to him, the pious, gleams the God travelled path that leads to Svarga.
avs.18.4 [1800431] On thee doth Savitar the God bestow this vesture for thy wear. [p. 204] Clothe thee herein, and find meet robe in Yama s realm to cover thee.
avs.18.4 May the God Dhatar lengthen our existence.
avs.18.4 They ate; eat, God, our offered sacrifices.
avs.19.6 [1900616] Forth from head of the high God seven and seventy bright beams.
avs.19.10 [1901006] Be the God Indra with the Vasus friendly, and with Adityas Varuna who blesseth.
avs.19.10 [1901010] Prosper us Savitar, the God who rescues, and let the radiant.
avs.19.11 [1901103] May Aja Ekapada the God be gracious, gracious the Dragon of the Deep, and Ocean.
avs.19.12 Through her may we gain God appointed treasure, and with brave sons be glad through hundred winters.
avs.19.13 Uplifted is the shout of Gods who conquer, high minded God who cause the world to tremble.
avs.19.24 With that wherewith the Deities invested Savitar the God.
avs.19.26 [1902604] What Varuna the King knows well, and what the God Brihaspati, And Indra, Slayer of the Foe, may that bestow long life on thee, may that increase thy splendid strength.
avs.19.27 Brilliant and all possessing Gods, run ye your course with God like power.
avs.19.49 [1904901] Friend of the home, the strong and youthful maiden, Night, dear to Savitar the God, and Bhaga, All compassing, all glorious, prompt to listen, hath with her greatness filled the earth and heaven.
avs.19.51 [1905102] Under the impulse of the God Savitar, sent forth from the arms of the Asvins and both hands of Pushan I have taken thee.
avs.19.54 [1905406] Yea, having conquered all the worlds by Brahma, Kala as God Supreme is supplicated.
avs.19.55 God! [p. 257] Only through thee, O much invoked, may I be ever rich in kine.
avs.19.59 [1905901] God among mortals, Agni, thou art guard of holy Law, thou art To be adored in sacred rites.
avs.19.64 [1906403] Whatever even be the logs which, Agni, we lay down for thee, propitious be it all to me: accept it, O most youthful God.
avs.19.72 Through this assist me here, ye God, with Fervour.
avs.20.2 [2000204] Let the God, Granter of Wealth, from the Potar s cup drink Trishtups, according to the season Soma from heaven.
avs.20.9 [2000901] As cows low to their calves in stalls, so with our songs we glorify This Indra, even your wondrous God who checks attack, who joys in the delicious juice.
avs.20.14 We, therefore, we thy friends, Indra, have chosen thee, free giver, as our guardian God.
avs.20.16 [2001612] This homage have we offered to the Cloud God who thunders out to many in succession.
avs.20.17 Let the Red God shine pure with his refulgent ray, and let the Lord of heroes glow like heaven s clear sheen. [p. 278]
avs.20.27 [2002704] None is there, Indra, God or man, to hinder thy munificence, The wealth which, lauded, thou wilt give.
avs.20.29 For thou, O Indra, art the God whom hymns and praises magnify: Thou blessest those who worship thee.
avs.20.30 [2003001] In the great synod will I laud thy two bay steeds: I prize the sweet strong drink of thee the Warrior God, His who pours lovely oil asit were with yellow drops.
avs.20.34 [2003401] He who just born, chief God of lofty spirit, by power and might became the God s protector, Before whose breath, through greatness of his valour, the two worlds trembled, He, O men, is Indra.
avs.20.34 [2003418] Thou verily art true strong God who sendest wealth to the man who brews and pours libation. [p. 292] So may we evermore, thy friends, O Indra, address the synod with brave sons about us.
avs.20.36 [2003609] Of all the heavenly folk, of earthly creatures, thou art the King, O God of splendid aspect.
avs.20.36 [2003611] Come with thy teams which bring all blessings, hither, disposer, much invoked, exceeding holy! [p. 297] Come to me swiftly with these teams of coursers, these which no fiend, no God may stay or hinder.
avs.20.47 [2004713] His bright rays bear him up aloft, the God who knoweth all that= is, Surya, that every one may see.
avs.20.47 thou far seeing One, God, Surya, thee with radiant hair.
avs.20.49 [2004901] When voices, fain to win mid air, ascended to the Mighty One, The vigorous God was filled with joy.
avs.20.49 [2004904] As cows low to their calf in stalls, so with our songs we glorify This Indra, even your wondrous God who checks attack, who joys in the delightful juice.
avs.20.49 [2004905] Celestial, bounteous Giver, God, with power and might, rich, mountain like, in precious things.
avs.20.53 [2005301] Who knows what vital power he wins, drinking beside the flowing juice? This is the fair cheeked God who, joying in the draught, breaks down the castles in his strength.
avs.20.58 As thou art great indeed thy greatness is admired: yea, verily, great art thou, O God.
avs.20.58 [2005804] Yea, Surya, thou art great in fame: thou evermore, O God, art great.
avs.20.62 Maker of all things, thou art mighty and All God. [p. 314]
avs.20.63 [2006303] Brought the Sun hitherward with mighty powers, and looked! about them on their vigorous God head.
avs.20.63 With this may we obtain strength God appointed, and brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.
avs.20.63 [2006308] Wherewith thou helpest Adhrigu, the great Dasagva, and the God Who stirs the sunlight, and Sea, for that we pray.
avs.20.65 [2006502] To him who wins the kine, who keeps no cattle back, celestial God, Speak wondrous speech more sweet than butter and than mead.
avs.20.67 Lord of fair rites, a God with form erected turning to the Gods.
avs.20.68 [2006806] Or whether, God of wondrous deeds, all our true people call us blest, Still may we dwell in Indra s care.
avs.20.71 [2007108] To Indra pour ye forth the juice, the active gladdening juice, to him The gladdening omnific God.
avs.20.80 [2008001] Bring us, O Indra, name and fame, enriching, mightiest, excellent, Wherewith, O wondrous God, fair cheeked and thunder armed, thou hast filled full this earth and heaven.
avs.20.80 [2008002] We call on thee, O King, mighty among the Gods, ruler of men, to succour us, All that is weak in us, excellent God, make firm: make our foes easy to subdue.
avs.20.82 [2008201] If I, O Indra, were the lord of riches ample as thine own, I should support the singer, God who scatterest wealth! and! not abandon him to woe.
avs.20.89 [2008907] With thy fierce bolt, O God invoked of many, drive to a distance from afar the foeman.
avs.20.90 [2009003] Brihaspati in war hath won rich treasures, hath won, this God, the great stalls filled with cattle.
avs.20.92 [2009209] Thou, Varuna, to whom belong the Seven Streams, art a glorious God.
avs.20.95 So may the God attend the God, true Indu Indra who is true.
avs.20.96 [2009603] Whoso, devoted to the God, effuses Soma for him with yearning heart and spirit, Never doth Indra give away his cattle: for him he makes the lovely Soma famous.
avs.20.100 [2010003] With holy song they bind to the broad wide yoked car the bay steeds of the rapid God, Bearers of India, yoked by prayer.
avs.20.103 [2010301] Solicit with your hymns, for aid, Agni the God with piercing flame, For riches famous Agni, Purumilha and ye men, Agni to light our dwelling well.
avs.20.107 [2010704] In all the worlds That was the best and highest whence sprang the mighty God, of splendid valour.
avs.20.107 [2010707] Therefore in thee too, thou who winnest riches, at every banquet are the sages joyful With mighter power, bold God, extend thy firmness: let not malignant Yatudhanas harm thee.
avs.20.118 [2011802] Increaser of our steeds and multiplying kine, a golden well, O God, art thou; For no one may impair the gifts laid up in thee, Bring me what ever thing I ask.
avs.20.124 [2012406] Brought the Sun hitherward with mighty powers, and looked about them on their vigorous Godhead. [p. 359] With this may we obtain strength God appointed, and joy with brave sons through a hundred winters.
avs.20.126 [2012601] Men have abstained from pouring juice; nor counted Indra as a God.
avs.20.127 [2012707] List to Parikshit s eulogy, the sovran whom all people love, The King who ruleth over all, excelling mortals as a God.
avs.20.130 Libation hath rejoiced the God.
avs.20.131 [2013003] Varuna with the Vasus goes: the Wind God hath a hundred reins.

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