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avs.3.24 [0302406] Three sheaves are the Gandharvas claim, the lady of the house hath four.
avs.4.34 He goes unto the Gods, he dwells with Yama, he joys among Gandharvas meet for Soma.
avs.4.37 A charm against Gandharvas and Apsarases
avs.4.37 [0403702] With thee we scare and drive away Gandharvas and Apsarases.
avs.4.37 The Blyxa fed Gandharvas, those who bring no sacrificial gift.
avs.4.37 [0403709] With those dread hundred golden spears, the darts of Indra, let it pierce. [p. a148] The Blyxa fed Gandharvas, those who bring no sacrificial gift.
avs.4.37 [0403712] Your wives are the Apsarases, and ye, Gandharvas, are their lords.
avs.7.109 [0710905] The God who found for us this wealth for gambling, to cast the dice and count the winning number, May he accept the sacrifice we offer, and with Gandharvas revel in the banquet.
avs.8.5 [0800513] No mortal beings slay him, no Gandharvas, no Apsarases; over all the regions he is king, the man who wears this Amulet.
avs.8.6 [0800619] Those who kill infants unawares, and near the new made mothers lie, Let Pinga chase the amorous Gandharvas as wind chases cloud.
avs.8.7 I call, to aid this man, the Plants which Serpents and Gandharvas know.
avs.8.8 [0800815] Gandharvas, and Apsarases, Gods, Serpents, Fathers, Holy Men, Seen and unseen, I send them forth that they may strike this army dead.
avs.8.10 [0801027] She rose approached the Apsarases and Gandharvas.
avs.8.10 That scent supports Apsarases and Gandharvas. He who knows [p. a353] this becomes a meet supporter, and round him ever breathes delicious odour.
avs.9.7 [0900710] Dhatar and Savitar are the two knee bones, the Gandharvas are the legs the Apsarases are bits of the feet, Aditi is the hooves.
avs.10.9 [1000909] The Gods, the Fathers, mortal men, Gandharvas, and Apsara ses, All these will be the guards: overtake and pass the Atiratra, thou!
avs.10.10 [1001013] Come hither with the Soma, come with every footed thing; the Cow With Kalis and Gandharvas by her side hath stepped upon the sea.
avs.11.5 After him too have the Gandharvas followed, thirty and three, three hundred, and six thousand.
avs.11.6 [1100604] Gandharvas and Apsarases; the Asvins, Brahmanaspati, Aryaman, God, by name we call: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.7 [1100727] The Deities, the Fathers, men, Gandharvas, and Apsarases.
avs.11.9 [1100916] The fiend who creeps upon the sword, maimed, dwelling where the wounded lie, The misty shapes that lurk concealed, Gandharvas and Apsara ses, demons, and snakes and Other Folk; [p. 70]
avs.11.9 [1100924] Tall trees, and those who live in woods, the herbs and creeping plants of Earth, Gandharvas, and Apsarases, Snakes,
avs.12.1 growing herbs and plants and waters carry, Shared by Apsarases, shared by Gandharvas therewith make thou me sweet: let no man hate me.
avs.12.1 [1200150] Gandharvas and Apsarases, Kimidins, and malignant sprites, Pisachas all, and Rakshasas, these keep thou, Earth! afar from us.
avs.13.1 Kasyapas and Gandharvas lead her upward, and heavenly sages ever watch and guard her,
avs.14.2 May the divine Apsarases, Gandharvas, all they who are these fruitful trees protectors, Regard this bride with their auspicious, favour, nor harm the nuptial pomp as it advances.
avs.19.36 [1903606] Hundred she fiends, a hundred of Gandharvas and Apsarasas, A hundred of dog mated nymphs, I keep away with Hundred Hair
avs.19.54 In Kala the Gandharvas and Apsarasas and worlds abide.

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