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avs.2.1 [0200102] Knowing Eternity, may the Gandharva declare to us that highest secret station.
avs.2.2 [0200201] Lord of the World, divine Gandharva, only he should be honoured in the Tribes and worshipped.
avs.2.2 Lord of the World, may the Gandharva bless us, the friendly God who only must be worshipped.
avs.2.2 [0200203] I came, I met these faultless, blameless beings: among the Apsarases was the Gandharva.
avs.2.2 [0200204] Thou, Cloudy! ye who follow the Gandharva Visva vasu, ye, Starry! Lightning Flasher! You, O ye Goddesses, I truly worship.
avs.2.2 [0200205] Haunters of darkness, shrill in voice, dice lovers, maddeners of the mind To these have I paid homage, the Gandharva s wives, Apsarases.
avs.4.4 [0400401] We dig thee from the earth, the Plant which strengthens and exalts the nerves, The Plant which the Gandharva dug for Varuna whose power was lost.
avs.4.37 [0403707] From the Gandharva, dancing near, the lord of the Apsarases, Wearing the tuft of hair, I take all manhood and virility.
avs.4.37 [0403711] Youthful, completely decked with hair, one monkey like, one like a dog, So the Gandharva, putting on a lovely look, pursues a dame.
avs.7.73 Yea, the Immortal Ones accept it, one and all, and come to kiss that cup with the Gandharva s mouth.
avs.14.2 [1400203] She was the wife of Soma first: next the Gandharva was thy lord.
avs.14.2 [1400204] Soma to the Gandharva, and to Agni the Gandharva gave.
avs.14.2 These are thy kith and kin: go thou and join them: I in due season worship thee Gandharva.
avs.14.2 [1400235] Homage we pay to the Gandharva s favour, obeisance to his eye and fiery anger.
avs.14.2 We from this place have banished the Gandharva.
avs.18.1 [1800104] Shall we do now what we never did aforetime? we who spoke righteously now talk impurely? Gandharva in the floods, the Dame of Waters such is our bond, such our most lofty kinship.
avs.20.128 [2012803] Whenever any good man s son becometh bold and spirited, Then hath the wise Gandharva said this pleasant upward point ing word.

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