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avs.8.2 [0800219] Thy food, thy drink, whatever they be corn grown by cultivation, milk, Food eatable, uneatable, I make all poisonless for thee.
avs.8.10 [0801011] Come, Strength! come, Food! come, Charmer! come, Free giver!
avs.8.10 to her, O Food, come hither.
avs.8.10 This Food the Fathers make their lives sustainer.
avs.9.5 Food, greatness, strength he bringeth him who giveth the Goat Panchaudana illumed with guerdon.
avs.10.2 Spirit and Food and Vital Air protect that head from injury.
avs.10.10 [1001021] From thy fore quarters and thy thighs motion was generated, Cow! Food from thine entrails was produced, and from thy belly came the plants.
avs.12.3 [1200357] To the western region, to Varuna the Regent, to Pridaku the Protector, to Food the Archer, we present, etc.
avs.19.7 [1900704] Food shall be earlier Ashadhas grant me; let those that follow bring me strength and vigour; With virtuous merit Abhijit endow me! Sravana and Sravishthas make me prosper.
avs.20.143 Food followeth close upon your bright appearing when stately horses in your chariot draw you.

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