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avs.5.20 [0502011] Foe conqueror, victor, vanquishing opponents, seeker of booty, mastering, destroying.
avs.6.75 [0607502] Indra, Foe Slayer, drive him forth into the distance most remote, Whence never more shall be return in all the years that are to come.
avs.6.82 [0608201] I call the name of him who comes, hath come, and still draws nigh to us. [p. a238] Foe slaying Indra s name I love, the Vasus friend with hundred powers.
avs.19.13 [1901304] He rules with those who carry shafts and quivers, Indra who with his hand brings hosts together, Foe conquering, strong of arm, the Soma drinker, with mighty bow, shooting with well laid arrows.
avs.19.26 [1902604] What Varuna the King knows well, and what the God Brihaspati, And Indra, Slayer of the Foe, may that bestow long life on thee, may that increase thy splendid strength.

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