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avs.3.21 [0302108] The golden handed Savitar and Indra, Brihaspati, Varuna, Mitra, and Agni, The Angirases we call, the Visve Devas: let them appease this Agni, Flesh devourer.
avs.3.21 [0302109] Flesh eating Agni is appeased, appeased is he who hurteth men.
avs.3.21 Now him who burneth every thing, the Flesh consumer, have I stilled.
avs.3.21 [0302110] The mountains where the Soma grows, the waters lying calm and still, Vata, Parjanya, Agni s self have made the Flesh consumer rest.
avs.4.36 [0403603] Those who, what time the moon is dark, hunt with loud cry and answering shout, Flesh eaters, others who would harm, all these I overcome with might.
avs.8.1 [0800112] Let not the Flesh Consumer plot against thee: depart thou far away from the Destroyer.
avs.11.10 [1101003] Let those with iron faces, with faces like needles or like combs, Flesh eaters, rapid as the wind, cling closely to our foemen with Trishandhi for their thunderbolt.
avs.11.10 [1101018] With the Flesh eater and with Death, following the Purohita, On! forward with Trishandhi s host! conquering enemies advance!
avs.12.2 [1200243] The Flesh eater hath entered him: he hath pursued the Flesh eater.
avs.12.2 [1200253] Among tame beasts the black ewe is thy portion, and the bright lead is thine, they say, Flesh eater! Mashed beans have been assigned thee for oblation go seek the dark wood and the wildernesses.
avs.12.5 [1200541] Having become Flesh eating Agni the Brahman s cow entereth into and devoureth the oppressor of Brahmans.

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