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avs.2.12 [0201201] The spacious Firmament, and Earth and Heaven, the Field s Queen, and the wonderful Wide Strider, Yea, the broad middle air which Vata guardeth, may these now burn with heat while I am burning.
avs.7.102 [0710201] When I have worshipped Heaven and Earth, reverenced Firmament and Death, I will make water standing up.
avs.11.6 [1100606] Vata, Parjanya we address, the Quarters, and the Firmament, And all the Regions of the sky: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.15.17 [1501702] His second diffused breath is that Firmament.
avs.16.4 [1600404] Let Surya protect me from Day, Agni from Earth, Vayu from Firmament, Yama from men, Sarasvati from dwellers on the earth.
avs.19.7 And Days, and Firmament with songs I worship, seeking the Twenty eight fold for its favour.

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