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avs.1.25 [0102501] When Agni blazed when he had pierced the Waters, whereat the Law observers paid him homage, There, men assever, was thy loftiest birthplace: O Fever, yield ing to our prayer avoid us.
avs.1.25 [0102502] If thou be fiery glow, or inflammation, or if thy birthplace call for chips of fuel, Rack is thy name, God of the sickly yellow! O Fever, yielding to our prayer avoid us.
avs.1.25 [0102503] Be thou distress, or agonizing torment, be thou the son King Varuna hath begotten, Rack is thy name, God of the sickly yellow! O Fever, yielding to our prayer avoid us.
avs.1.25 [0102504] I offer homage to the chilly Fever, to his fierce burning glow I offer homage. [p. a24] Be adoration paid to Fever coming each other day, the third, of two days running.
avs.4.9 [0400908] Three are the slaves that serve the Salve, Fever, Consumption, and the Snake.
avs.5.4 Thou Banisher of Fever, come, Kushtha! make Fever pass away.
avs.5.4 [0500402] Brought from the Snowy Mountain, born on the high hill where eagles breed, Men seek to buy thee when they hear: for Fever s Banisher they know.
avs.5.4 Make all Consumption pass away and render Fever powerless.
avs.5.22 And Grass, and glowing Fuel banish Fever.
avs.5.22 [0502202] And thou thyself who makest all men yellow, consuming them with burning heat like Agni, Thou, Fever! then be weak and ineffective.
avs.5.22 [0502203] Endowed with universal power! send Fever down ward, far away, The spotty, like red coloured dust, sprung from a spotty ancestor.
avs.5.22 [0502204] When I have paid obeisance to Fever I send him downward forth.
avs.5.22 [0502205] His mansions are the Mujavans, and the Mahavrishas his home, Thou, Fever, ever since thy birth hast lived among the Bahlikas.
avs.5.22 [0502206] Fever, snake, limbless one, speak out! Keep thyself far away fi om us.
avs.5.22 [0502207] Go, Fever, to the Mujavans, or, farther, to the Bahlikas.
avs.5.22 These or those foreign regions we proclaim to Fever for his home.
avs.5.22 Fever is eager to depart, and to the Bahlikas will go,
avs.5.22 [0502210] Since thou now cold, now burning hot, with cough besides, hast made us shake, Terrible, Fever, are thy darts: forbear to injure us with these.
avs.5.22 [0502211] Take none of these to be thy friends, Cough, or Consumption or Decline: Never come thence again to us! O Fever, thus I counsel thee.
avs.5.22 [0502212] Go, Fever, with Consumption, thy brother, and with thy sister, Cough. [p. a184] And with thy nephew Herpes, go away unto that alien folk.
avs.5.22 [0502213] Chase Fever whether cold or hot, brought by the summer or the rains, Tertian, intermittent, or autumnal, or continual.
avs.5.22 Hand over Fever as it were a servant and a thing of price.
avs.5.30 With thee I charmed Decline away and Fever s hundred ago nies.
avs.6.20 Worship be paid to Fever armed with fiery heat.
avs.6.20 [0602002] To Rudra and to Fever be our worship paid: worship be paid to Varuna the splendid King! Worship to Dyaus, to Earth, worship be paid to Plants!
avs.6.20 [0602003] Thou who, aglow with heat, makest all bodies green, to thee, red, brown, I bow, the Fever of the wood.
avs.7.116 A charm against Fever
avs.9.8 [0900806] The malady whose awful look makes a man quiver with alarm, Fever whom every Autumn brings we charm away with this our spell. [p. a380]
avs.11.2 [1100222] Homage to him whose weapon, Cough or Fever, assails one like the neighing of a stallion; to him who draws one forth and then another!
avs.11.2 [1100226] overwhelm us not with Fever or with poison, nor, Rudra! with the fire that comes from heaven.
avs.11.4 [1100411] Prana is Fever, he is Death.
avs.19.39 [1903910] O thou who hast all reaching might drive away Fever, drive it down, racking Fever, tertian, continual, lasting for a year.

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