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avs.6.133 [0613304] She hath become, Faith s daughter, sprung from Fervour, the sister of the world creating Rishis; As such, O Girdle, give us thought and wisdom, give us religious zeal and mental vigour.
avs.9.5 The whole together was Truth: Viraj his head and Faith his breathing.
avs.10.7 [1000701] Which of his members is the seat of Fervour: Which is the base of Ceremonial Order? [p. 21] Where in him standeth Faith? Where Holy Duty? Where, in what part of him is truth implanted?
avs.11.7 [1100709] Faith fire oblation, fervent zeal, service, and sacrificial cry, Guerdon, good works and their reward, are stored within the Residue.
avs.13.4 [1300423] And past and future, and Faith and lustre, and heaven and sweet oblation,
avs.15.2 In the eastern region Faith is his leman, the hymn his panegyrist, knowledge his vesture, day his turban, night his hair, Indra s two Bays his circular ornaments, the splendour of the stars his jewel.
avs.15.7 [1500702] Prajapati and Parameshthin and the Father and the Great Father and the Waters and Faith, turned into rain, followed him.
avs.15.7 [1500703] The Waters, Faith, and rain approach him who possesses this knowledge.
avs.15.7 [1500704] Faith, and Sacrifice and the world, having become food and nourishment, turned toward him.
avs.15.7 [1500705] Faith Sacrifice, the world, food and nourishment approach him who possesses this knowledge.
avs.15.16 [1501604] His fourth downward breath is Faith.

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