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avs.6.27 [0602701] Gods! whatsoever the Dove came hither seeking, sent to us as the envoy of Destruction, For that let us sing hymns and make atonement, Well be it with our quadrupeds and bipeds!
avs.6.27 [0602702] Auspicious be the Dove that hath been sent us, a harmless bird, O Gods, that seeks our dwelling! May Agni, Sage, be pleased with our oblation, and may the missile borne on wings avoid us.
avs.6.27 May it bring welfare to our men and cattle: here let the Dove, ye Gods, forbear to harm us.
avs.6.28 [0602801] Drive forth the Dove, chase it with holy verses: rejoicing bring we hither food and cattle, Obliterating traces of misfortune.
avs.6.29 [0602901] On these men yonder fall the winged missile: the screeching of the Owl is ineffective, And that the Dove beside the fire hath settled. [p. a213]
avs.6.29 [0602902] Thine envoys who came hither, O Destruction, sent or not sent by thee unto our dwelling, The Dove and Owl, effectless be their visit!

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