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avs.10.7 He who knows Him who is Supreme, and he who knows the Lord of Life, These know the loftiest Power Divine, and thence know Skambha thoroughly.
avs.10.7 [1000724] Where the Gods, versed in Sacred Lore, worship the loftiest Power Divine The priest who knows them face to face may be a sage who knows the truth.
avs.12.3 [1200320] Three worlds hath Power Divine marked out and measured, Heaven yonder, and the earth, and airs mid region.
avs.19.31 [1903108] Divine, foe quelling Amulet, wealth winner for the gain of wealth May it give store of beasts and food and cause our kine to multiply.
avs.20.23 [2002308] O thou to whom thy Bays are dear, loose not thy horses far from us: Here glad thee, Indra, Lord Divine.
avs.20.77 Like Usana, the priest a laud shall utter, a hymn to thee, the Lord Divine, who markest. [p. 328]

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