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avs.10.2 [1000214] What God, what only Deity placed sacrifice in Purusha? Who gave him truth and falsehood? Whence came Death and immortality?
avs.10.7 [1000731] Ere (once) sun and dawn man calls and calls one Deity by the other s name.
avs.10.8 And hence the Deity who grasps with firmer hold is dear to me.
avs.10.8 [1000831] Known by the name of Guardian Grace the Deity sits girt by Right.
avs.13.4 A glorification of the Sun as the only Deity
avs.15.13 [1501308] He should serve him with food saying to himself, To this Deity I offer water: I lodge this Deity; I wait upon this, this Deity.
avs.15.13 [1501309] To that Deity the sacrifice of him who has this knowledge is acceptable.
avs.19.53 This Time brings hitherward all worlds about us: as primal Deity is he entreated.

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