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avs.2.15 [0201602] As Day and Night are not afraid, nor ever suffer loss or harm, Even so, my spirit, fear not thou.
avs.4.1 From light was born the Day with all its lustre: through this let sages live endowed with splendour.
avs.4.10 [0401005] From ocean sprang the Amulet, from Vritra sprang the Lord of Day: May this protect us round about from shaft of God and Asura.
avs.8.2 [0800220] We give thee over as a charge to Day and Night, in trust to both.
avs.8.5 [0800518] My coat of mail is Heaven and Earth, my coat of mail is Day and Sun: A coat of mail may Indra and Agni and Dhatar grant to me.
avs.9.6 [0900643] He who having this knowledge besprinkles flesh and offers it wins for himself thereby as much as he gains by the perfor mance of a very successful Twelve Day sacrifice.
avs.10.2 [1000216] Through whom did he spread waters out, through whom did he make Day to shine? Through whom did he enkindle Dawn and give the gift of even tide?
avs.10.7 [1000706] Whitherward yearning speed the two young Damsels, accordant, Day and Night, of different colour? Who out of many, tell me, is that Skambha to whom the Waters take their way with longing?
avs.10.8 Day and Night reproduce themselves, each from the form the other wears.
avs.11.6 [1100605] This word of ours to Day and Night, and to the Sun and Moon we speak, All the Adityas we address: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.6 [1100607] From all that brings a curse may Day and Night and Dawn deliver me, May Soma free me, God to whom they give the name of Chandramas.
avs.11.7 [1100714] Nine several oceans, earths, and skies are set within, the Residue, Bright shines the Sun therein, in me, the Residue, are Day and Night.
avs.13.2 Day and the Night, clad in the robes of Surya, spread forth more widely all his hero powers.
avs.13.2 Day s maker, he hath shone away the darkness, and radiant, passed over places hard to traverse.
avs.13.4 [1300429] He was brought forth from Day: and Day derives his origin.
avs.15.2 Day and Night are his running attendants, Mind, etc.
avs.15.6 The Seasons, groups of seasons, the worlds and their inhabitants, the months and half months, and Day and Night followed him.
avs.15.18 [1501804] Day and Night are his nostrils.
avs.16.4 [1600404] Let Surya protect me from Day, Agni from Earth, Vayu from Firmament, Yama from men, Sarasvati from dwellers on the earth.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of Day and Night, etc.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of continued Day, etc.
avs.19.8 Profit and wealth be mine, and wealth and profit! To Day and Night be adoration rendered!
avs.19.20 [1902004] My shield is Heaven and Earth, my shield is the bright Day, my shield the Sun.
avs.19.48 May Dawn entrust us to the Day, and Day to thee, O splendid.
avs.19.50 May Dawn deliver us to Day, and Day to thee, O glorious One.
avs.19.56 [1905602] At first the all containing, depth beheld thee, ere Night was born, when only Day existed.
avs.20.107 Day s maker, he hath shone away the darkness, and radiant passed over places hard to traverse.

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