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avs.3.16 [0301606] To this our sacrifice may the Dawns incline them, and come to the pure place like Dadhikravan.
avs.6.3 [0600303] Preserve us both the Asvins, Gods and Lords of Light, and let the Dawns and Night bring us deliverance.
avs.7.22 [0702202] The Bright One hath sent forth the Dawns, a closely gathered band, Immaculate, unanimous, brightly refulgent in their homes.
avs.8.9 [0800912] Both Dawns on wings of song, with rich adornment, move on together to their common dwelling.
avs.14.1 [1400124] Thou, born afresh, art new and new for ever; ensign of days, before the Dawns thou goest.
avs.14.1 May Dawns that come for glory, bright with Soma, here may all Gods fix and enchant your spirits. [p. 132]
avs.18.1 After the Dawns, after their rays of brightness, Surya hath enter ed into earth and heaven.
avs.18.3 [1800321] As in the days of old our ancient Fathers, speeding the work of sacred worship, Agni! Sought pure light and devotion, singing praises, they cleft the ground and made red Dawns apparent. [p. 194]
avs.18.3 [1800324] We have worked for thee, we have toiled and laboured: bright Dawns have shed their light upon our worship.
avs.18.4 [1800458] Far seeing he flows on, the Bull, the Lord of hymns, promoter of the Sun, of Days, of Dawns, of Heaven.
avs.20.11 Those holy songs he taught the bard who praised him, and widely spread these Dawns resplendent colour.
avs.20.26 [2002606] Thou, making light where no light was, and form, O Men! where form was not, Wast born together with the Dawns.
avs.20.47 [2004712] Thou, making light where no light was, and form, O Men r where no form was, Wast born together with the Dawns,

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