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avs.3.10 With him the Gods subdued their adversaries: the Lord of Might became the Dasyus slayer.
avs.4.32 [0403206] Come hither, I am all thine own: advancing, turn thou to me, victorious, all bestowing. [p. a142] Come to me, Manyu, wielder of the thunder: bethink thee of thy friend, and slay the Dasyus.
avs.8.8 [0800805] Air was the net; the poles thereof were the great quarters of the sky: [p. a344] Sakra therewith enveloped and cast on the ground the Dasyus host.
avs.8.8 [0800807] Great is thy net, brave Indra, thine the mighty match for a thousand, Lord of Hundred Powers! Holding them, with his host, therewith hath Indra slaughtered Dasyus a hundred, thousand, myriad, hundred millions.
avs.9.2 [0900217] Far from the world wherein we live, O Kama, drive thou my foemen with that selfsame weapon Wherewith the Gods repelled the fiends, and Indra cast down the Dasyus into deepest darkness.
avs.10.6 With them the sage Angirases broke through the Dasyus fortresses.
avs.12.1 [1200137] The purifier, shrinking from the Serpent, she who held fires that lie within the waters, Who gives as prey the God blaspheming Dasyus, Earth choosing Indra for her Lord, not Vritra, hath clung to Sakra, to the Strong and Mighty.
avs.18.2 [1800228] Those Dasyus who, not eating our oblations, come wilh friends faces mingled with the Fathers, Those who wear gross those who wear subtile bodies, from this.
avs.19.46 Shake off thy foes as Indra scattered Dasyus: quell all enemies.
avs.20.11 He in his strength, with all surpassing prowess, through wond rous arts crushed the malignant Dasyus.
avs.20.11 Treasure of gold he won; he smote the Dasyus and gave protec tion to the race of Aryas.
avs.20.29 [2002904] The Dasyus, when they fain would climb by magic arts and mount to heaven, Thou, Indra, castest down to earth.
avs.20.42 [2004202] Indra, both worlds complained to thee when uttering thy fearful roar, What time thou smotest Dasyus dead.
avs.20.64 [2006403] For thou art, he, O Indra, who stormest all castles of the foe, Slayer of Dasyus, man s supporter, Lord of heaven.

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