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avs.1.7 [0100701] Bring the Kimidin hither, bring the Yatudhana self declared For Agni, God, thou, lauded, hast become the Dasyu s slaughterer.
avs.2.14 [0201405] Whether ye be of farm and field, or whether ye be sent by men, Or be ye sprung from Dasyu race, vanish, Sadanvas, and begone.
avs.4.32 Slayer of foes, of Vritra, and of Dasyu, bring thou to us all kinds of wealth and treasure.
avs.20.21 With Indra scattering the Dasyu through these drops, freed from their hate may we obtain abundant food.
avs.20.34 [2003410] He who hath smitten, ere they know their danger, with his hurl ed weapon many grievous sinners: Who pardons not his boldness who provokes him, who slays the Dasyu, He, O men, is Indra.
avs.20.37 Thou sentest in swift death to sleep the Dasyu, both Chumuri and Dhuni, for Dabhiti,
avs.20.78 [2007803] May he with might disclose for us the cows stall, whosesoever it be, To which the Dasyu slayer goes.

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