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avs.5.12 [0501206] Pouring sweet dews let holy Night and Morning, each close to each, be seated at their station, Lofty, celestial Dames with gold to deck them, assuming all their fair and radiant beauty.
avs.7.49 [0704902] May the Dames, wives of Gods, enjoy our presents, Rat, Asvini Indrani and Agnayi; May Rodasi and Varunani hear us, and Goddesses come at the matrons season.
avs.11.1 [1100114] Hither these Dames have come in radiant beauty.
avs.11.6 Present with their collective Dames: may these deliver us from woe.
avs.13.1 [1300104] Up to the lap of births, to lofty places, hath Rohita, the germ of Dames, ascended.
avs.19.10 Kind with the Rudras be the healer Rudra, and with the Dames here Tvashtar kindly hear us.
avs.20.13 Bring, with their Dames, the Gods, the Three and Thirty, after thy Godlike nature, and he joyful.
avs.20.35 [2003508] To him, to Indra when he slew the Dragon, the Dames too, Consorts of the Gods, wove praises.

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