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avs.2.10 Away pass Nirriti, away Consumption! From family sickness, kinsmen s curse, Destruction, from Druh, from Varuna s noose I thus release thee.
avs.2.33 [0203301] From both thy nostrils, from both eyes, from both thine ears, and from thy chin, Forth from thy brain and tongue I root Consumption seated in thy head.
avs.2.33 From arms and shoulder blades I root Consumption seated in thine arms.
avs.2.33 [0203303] Forth from thy heart and from thy lungs, from thy gall bladder and thy sides, From kidneys, spleen and liver thy Consumption we eradicate.
avs.2.33 [0203304] From bowels and intestines, from the rectum and the belly, I Extirpate thy Consumption, from flanks, navel and mesentery.
avs.2.33 Forth from thy loins and hips I draw Consumption setted in thy loins.
avs.2.33 [0203306] Forth from thy marrows and thy bones, forth from thy tendons and thy veins I banish thy Consumption, from thy hands, thy fingers, and thy nails.
avs.3.12 [0301209] Water that kills Consumption, free from all Consumption, here I bring.
avs.4.9 [0400908] Three are the slaves that serve the Salve, Fever, Consumption, and the Snake.
avs.5.4 Make all Consumption pass away and render Fever powerless.
avs.5.22 [0502211] Take none of these to be thy friends, Cough, or Consumption or Decline: Never come thence again to us! O Fever, thus I counsel thee.
avs.5.22 [0502212] Go, Fever, with Consumption, thy brother, and with thy sister, Cough. [p. a184] And with thy nephew Herpes, go away unto that alien folk.
avs.5.30 Consumption, conquered by my voice, hath, like a hawk, fled far away.
avs.6.14 [0601403] Begone, Consumption, hence away, like a young foal that runs.
avs.6.59 [0605902] Let the Plant give us sheltering aid, Arundhati allied with Gods; Avert Consumption from our men and make our cow pen rich in milk.
avs.6.85 A charm against Consumption
avs.6.127 [0612702] Those nerves of thine, Consumption! which stand closely hidden in thy groin I know the balm for that disease: the magic cure is Sipudru.
avs.7.53 [0705306] I send thee back thy vital breath; I drive Consumption far from thee, May Agni here, most excellent, sustain our life on every side.
avs.8.7 [0800702] This man let them deliver from Consumption which the Gods have sent.
avs.8.7 From every limb of thine have they removed Consumption caused by sin.
avs.8.7 [0800705] The conquering strength, the power and might which ye, victo rious Plants, possess, Therewith deliver this man here from this Consumption, O ye Plants: so I prepare the remedy.
avs.8.7 Expelled by Plants, let men s and kine s Consumption pass from us to the navigable rivers.
avs.9.3 [0900323] Water that kills Consumption, free from all Consumption, here I bring.
avs.9.8 A charm for the cure of various diseases connected with Consumption
avs.9.8 [0900803] So that Consumption may depart forth from thine ears and from.
avs.9.8 [0900807] Disease that creeps about the thighs and, after, reaches both the groins, Consumption from thine inward parts we charm away with this our spell.
avs.10.3 The Gods have stayed and driven off Consumption which had seized this man.
avs.11.3 Consumption will destroy thee
avs.12.1 [1200162] Let thy breasts, frec from sickness and Consumption, be.
avs.12.2 Together with Consumption in the cattle, Consumption in our men, go henee, go southward.
avs.12.2 [1200214] The Breaker up, the Burster, the Destroyer, and the Silent One, [p. 84] These have expelled Consumption far, far off from thee and all thou hast,
avs.12.5 [1200522] Utter destruction when she moveth her ears this way and that, Consumption when she droppeth water;
avs.19.36 [1903602] It drives off demons with its horns and sorceresses with its root, It stays Consumption with its waist: from this no wickedness escapes.
avs.19.38 [1903801] Never Consumption, never curse touches the man, Arundhati! Whom the delicious odour of the healing Bdellium penetrates
avs.19.39 Banish thou all Consumption, drive all sorceresses far away.
avs.19.39 Banish thou all Consumption, drive all sorceresses far away.
avs.19.39 Banish thou all Consumption, drive all sorceresses far away.

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