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avs.8.9 [0800902] He who prepared a threefold home, and lying there made the water bellow through his greatness, Calf of Viraj, giving each wish fulfilment, made bodies for him self far off, in secret.
avs.9.4 Calf, after birth, new milk drawn hot, and biestings, curds, butter, that is his best genial humour.
avs.9.9 High up above the yearling Calf the sages, to form a web, their own seven threads have woven.
avs.9.9 Then the Calf lowed and looked upon the Mother, the Cow who wears all shapes in three directions.
avs.9.9 [0900917] Beneath the upper realm, above this lower, bearing her Calf at foot, the Cow hath risen.
avs.9.9 [0900918] Who, that the father of this Calf discerneth beneath the upper realm, above the lower, Showing himself a sage, may here declare him? Whence hath the godlike spirit had its rising?
avs.13.1 [1300110] The tribes thy heat produced have followed hither the Calf and Gayatri, the strain that lauds him.
avs.13.1 With friendly heart let them approach to serve thee, and the Calf Rohita come with his mother.
avs.13.1 [1300133] Calf of Viraj, the Bull of prayers and worship, whitebacked, he hath gone up to air s mid region.
avs.13.1 Singing, they hymn the Calf, with gifts of butter: him who is Brahma they exalt with Brahma.
avs.13.1 [1300141] Beneath the upper realm, above this lower, bearing her Calf at foot, the Cow hath risen [p. 111] Whitherward, to what place hath she departed? Where doth she calve? Not in this herd of cattle.
avs.13.2 [1300213] As the Calf both his parents so thou joinest both the distant bounds, Surely the Gods up yonder knew this sacred mystery long ago.
avs.13.3 [1300326] Born is the darksome Mother s Son, the whitely shining Calf of Night.

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