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avs.1.8 To Indra, Brihaspati, Soma and Agni, for the destruction of sorcerers
avs.1.8 Master him thou, Brihaspati; Agni and Soma, pierce him through.
avs.2.13 The garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King, to w rap about him.
avs.2.26 Brihaspati who knoweth lead them hither! Let Sinivali guide the foremost homeward.
avs.2.29 Agni and Surya grant him life, Brihaspati give him eminence!
avs.2.35 [0203504] Awful are Rishis: unto them be homage, and to their eye and truthfulness of spirit! Loud homage to Brihaspati, O mighty! Homage to thee, O Visvakarman! Guard us.
avs.3.11 [0301104] Live, waxing in thy strength a hundred autumns, live through a hundred springs, a hundred winters! Indra, Agni, Savitar, Brihaspati give thee a hundred! With hundred lived oblation have I saved him,
avs.3.11 The death held thee at thy birth bound with a firmly knotted noose, Therefrom, with both the hands of Truth, Brihaspati hath loose ned thee.
avs.3.12 [0301204] This House may Savitar and Vayu stablish, Brihaspati who knows the way, and Indra.
avs.3.14 [0301402] May Aryaman pour gifts on you, and Pushan, land Brihaspati, And Indra, winner of the prize.
avs.3.20 [0302003] Let Aryaman vouchsafe us, wealth, and Bhaga, and Brihaspati, The Goddesses grant wealth to us, Sunrita, Goddess, give me wealth!
avs.3.20 hymn, The Adityas, Vishnu, Surya, and the Brahman priest Brihaspati.
avs.3.20 [0302007] Urge Aryaman to send us gifts, and Indra, and Brihaspati, Vata, Vishnu, Sarasvati, and the strong courser Savitar.
avs.3.21 [0302108] The golden handed Savitar and Indra, Brihaspati, Varuna, Mitra, and Agni, The Angirases we call, the Visve Devas: let them appease this Agni, Flesh devourer.
avs.3.26 [0302606] Ye Gods whose home is in this upmost region, Yearners by name, Brihaspati forms your arrows.
avs.3.27 [0302706] Brihaspati controls the topmost region, Svitra is warder, and the Rain the arrows.
avs.4.1 [0400105] He from the depth hath been reborn for ever, Brihaspati the world s sole Lord and Ruler.
avs.4.1 [0400107] The man who seeks the friend of Gods, Atharvan the father, and Brihaspati, with worship, Crying to him, Be thou all things creator! the wise God, self dependent, never injures.
avs.5.17 Through him Brihaspati obtained his consort, as the Gods gained the ladle brought by Soma.
avs.5.25 [0502504] Let Mitra Varuna and God Brihaspati lay the germ in thee.
avs.5.26 [0502612] Hitherward come ye with the prayer, O Asvins, exalting sacrifice with cry of Vashat! Brihaspati! All hail! with prayer come hither.
avs.5.28 [0502812] Aryaman be thy binder on, and Pushan and Brihaspati: Whatever name the brood of day possess, therewith we fasten thee.
avs.6.73 [0607301] Let Varuna come hither, Soma, Agni, Brihaspati come hither with the Vasus! Unanimous, ye kinsmen, come united, come to the glory of this mighty guardian.
avs.6.88 [0608802] Stedfast may Varuna the King, stedfast the God Brihaspati, Stedfast may Indra stedfast, too, may Agni keep thy stedfast reign.
avs.6.96 [0609601] The many plants of hundred shapes and forms that Soma rules as King, [p. a245] Commanded by Brihaspati, deliver us from grief and woe!
avs.6.103 [0610301] Brihaspati and Savitar prepare a rope to bind you fast! Let Bhaga, Mitra, Aryaman, and both the Asvins make the bond.
avs.7.8 [0700801] Go forward on thy way from good to better: Brihaspati pre cede thy steps and guide thee! [p. a274] Place this man here, within this earth s enclosure, afar from foes with all his men about him.
avs.7.16 [0701601] Increase this man Brihaspati! Illume him, O Savitar, for high and happy fortune.
avs.7.33 [0703301] Let Pushan, let the Maruts, let Brihaspati pour forth on me; This present Agni pour on me children and riches in a stream! May he bestow long life on me.
avs.7.51 A prayer for Brihaspati s and Indra s protection
avs.7.51 [0705101] Brihaspati protect us from the sinner, from rearward, from above, and from below us! May Indra from the front and from the centre, as friend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom.
avs.7.53 [0705301] As thou, Brihaspati, from the curse hast saved us, from dwel ling yonder in the realm of Yama, The Asvins, leeches of the Gods, O Agni, have chased Death far from us with mighty powers.
avs.7.81 [0708145] With that unwasting stalk which Gods, unwasting Gods, in crease and eat, [p. a307] May Varuna, Brihaspati, and Indra, the Lords and Guardians of the world, increase us.
avs.7.104 [0710401] Who will prepare the dappled Cow, good milker, never without calf, whom Varuna gave Atharvan, And, joying in Brihaspati s alliance, arrange according to his will her body?
avs.7.110 [0711003] The God Brihaspati hath won thy friendly favour with the cup.
avs.8.5 [0800505] This Agni hath declared, Soma declared it, Brihaspati, and Savitar, and Indra.
avs.8.8 [0800819] Fly, conquered, in alarm, ye foes, run driven by the spell away! Let not one man escape of those when routed by Brihaspati.
avs.8.10 Brihaspati.
avs.9.3 [0900302] All wealthy House! each knot and band, each cord that is attached to thee I with my spell untie, as erst Brihaspati disclosed the cave.
avs.9.4 [0900401] The Bull, fierce, thousandfold, filled full of vigour, bearing within his flanks all forms and natures, Brihaspati s Steer, hath stretched the thread, bestowing bliss on the worshipper, the liberal giver.
avs.9.4 They who are sages, bards endowed with wisdom, call him Brihaspati compact and heightened.
avs.9.4 [0900410] Brihaspati, Savitar gave thee vital vigour: thy breath was brought from Tvashtar and from Vayu.
avs.9.4 [0900413] The Adityas claim the hinder parts, the loins must be Brihaspati s.
avs.9.6 [0900645] For him Dawn murmurs, and Savitar sings the prelude; Brihaspati chants with vigour, and Tvashtar joins in with increase; the VisveDeva take up conclusion.
avs.9.7 Brihaspati is the hump, Brihati the breast bone and cartilages of the ribs.
avs.10.6 [1000606] The Charm Brihaspati hath bound, the fatness dropping citron wood, the potent Khadira for strength, This Agni hath put on: it yields clarified butter for this man.
avs.10.6 [1000607] The Charm Brihaspati hath bound, the fatness dropping citron wood, the potent Khadira, for strength, This Charm hath Indra put on him for power and manly puissance.
avs.10.6 [1000608] The Charin Brihaspati, etc.
avs.10.6 [1000609] The Charm Brihaspati, etc.
avs.10.6 [1000610] The Charm Brihaspati, etc.
avs.10.6 [1000611] The Amulet Brihaspati bound on the swiftly moving Wind.
avs.10.6 [1000617] The Amulet Brihaspati formed for the swiftly moving Wind, This salutary Amulet the Deities assumed and wore. [p. 19] This yieldeth them the universe, again, again, from morn to morn.
avs.10.6 [1000622] The Amulet Brihaspati formed for the Gods, that slew the fiends.
avs.10.6 [1000628] The Amulet Brihaspati made for the Gods, that slew the fiends, That Amulet here hath come to me combined with all prosperities.
avs.11.3 Of that Odana Brihaspati is the head, Brahma the mouth.
avs.11.3 With Brihaspati as head: with him I have eaten, with him have I come to it.
avs.11.6 plants, Indra, Surya, Brihaspati: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.10 [1101009] By that same binding treaty which thou madest, Brihaspati! with Indra! and with Brahma, By Indra s pledge I bid the Gods come hither.
avs.11.10 [1101010] Brihaspati Angirasa, Rishis made strong and keen by prayer, Have set Trishandhi in the heaven, dire weapon that destroys the fiends.
avs.11.10 [1101012] The Gods, victorious, won themselves all worlds by this oblation, which Brihaspati Angirasa effused, a very thunderbolt, a weapon to destory the friends.
avs.11.10 [1101013] That fiend destroying weapon which Brihaspati Angirasa poured out and made a thunderbolt.
avs.11.10 Even therewith, Brihaspati, I brush that hostile armament, and strike the foemen down with might.
avs.12.3 [1200360] To the upper region, to Brihaspati the Regent, to Svitra the Protector, to Rain the Archer, we present thee, this offering of ours.
avs.12.4 [1200438] Whoever looking on the Cow as fruitless, cooks her flesh at home, Brihaspati compels his sons and children of his sons to beg.
avs.12.4 [1200444] Vilipti, cow, and she who drops no second calf, Brihaspati! Of these none not a Brahmana should eat if he hope for emi nence.
avs.12.4 [1200446] Vilipti, O Brihaspati, cow, mother of no second calf Of these none not a Brahman should eat if he hope for eminence.
avs.13.1 Brihaspati, oppress our rebel kinsman.
avs.14.1 Dear unto her, Brihaspati, make the husband, and pleasant be these words the wooer speaketh.
avs.14.1 [1400152] Be it my care to cherish her: Brihaspati hath made thee mine.
avs.14.1 [1400153] Tvashtar, by order of the holy sages, hath laid on her Brihaspati s robe for glory, By means of this let Savitar and Bhaga surround this dame, like Surya, with her children.
avs.14.1 [1400154] May Indra Agni, Heaven Earth, Matarisvan, may Mitra Varuna, Bhaga, both the Asvins, Brihaspati, the host of Maruts, Brahma, and Soma magnify this dame with offspring.
avs.14.1 [1400155] It was Brihaspati who first arranged the hair on Surya s head, [p. 134] And therefore, O ye Asvins, we adorn this woman for her lord.
avs.14.1 [1400162] To us, O Varuna, bring her, kind to brothers; bring her, Brihaspati, gentle to the cattle.
avs.14.2 [1400242] The priestly meed wherewith ye twain present me, the vesture of the bride, the nuptial garment, This do ye both, Brihaspati and Indra, bestow with loving kind ness on the Brahman.
avs.14.2 [1400253] Her whom Brihaspati hath loosed the Visve Devas keep secure.
avs.14.2 [1400254] Her whom Brihaspati hath loosed the Visve Devas keep secure.
avs.14.2 [1400255] Her whom Brihaspati, etc.
avs.14.2 [1400256] Her whom Brihaspati, etc.
avs.14.2 [1400257] Her whom Brihaspati, etc.
avs.14.2 [1400258] Her whom Brihaspati hath freed the Visve Devas keep secure.
avs.15.10 [1501004] Let Priesthood enter into Brihaspati, and Royalty into Indra, was the answer.
avs.15.10 [1501005] Hence Priesthood entered into Brihaspati and Royalty into Indra.
avs.15.10 [1501006] Now this Earth is Brihaspati, and Heaven is Indra.
avs.15.10 [1501009] Who knows that Earth is Brihaspati and Agni Priesthood.
avs.15.14 [1501409] He, when he went away to the upper region, went away having become Brihaspati and having made the exclamation Vashat an eater of food.
avs.16.3 [1600305] Brihaspati is my soul, he who is called the Friend of man, dear to my heart.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of Brihaspati, etc.
avs.18.1 [1800147] Matali prospers there with Kavyas, Yama with Angiras sons, Brihaspati with singers.
avs.18.3 [1800341] Chose he then, death for Gods to be their portion? Why chose he not for men a life eternal? Brihaspati span sacrifice, the Rishi; and Yama yielded up his own dear body.
avs.18.4 [1800415] On thy right hand let Indra be thy Brahman, Brihaspati Adhvaryu Agni Hotar.
avs.19.9 [1900906] Favour us Mitra, Varuna, and Vishnu, and Prajapati! Gracious* to us be Indra and Brihaspati and Aryaman.
avs.19.9 [1900911] Rudras and Vasus favour us, Adityas, Agnis favour us! Favour us mighty Rishis, Gods, Goddesses, and Brihaspati! [1900912] Brahma, Dhatar, Prajapati, Worlds, Vedas, Agnis, Rishis Seven. [p. 220] All these have blessed my happy way.
avs.19.13 [1901308] Brihaspati, fly with thy chariot hither, slayer of demons, driving.
avs.19.13 [1901309] Indra guide these! Brihaspati, the Guerdon, and Soma, and the Sacrifice precede them! And let the banded Maruts march in forefront of heavenly hosts that conquer and demolish.
avs.19.17 [1901710] Brihaspati, joined by the Visvedevas, protect me from the region of the zenith! To him, I go, in him I rest; this fort I seek for refuge.
avs.19.18 [1901810] Let those who vex me from the zenith, sinners, extol Brihaspati with the Visve Devas.
avs.19.20 [1902001] May Soma, Varuna the King, both Asvins, Yama and Pushan guard us well from Mrityu Death caused by men, which Indra Agni, Dhatar, Brihaspati and Savitar appointed.
avs.19.24 This garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King, to wrap about him.
avs.19.24 This is the spoken word of Agni, Soma, Brihaspati and Savitar, and Indra.
avs.19.26 [1902604] What Varuna the King knows well, and what the God Brihaspati, And Indra, Slayer of the Foe, may that bestow long life on thee, may that increase thy splendid strength.
avs.19.31 Savitar and Brihaspati vouchsafe me the milk of kine and herbs refreshing juices!
avs.19.40 With all the Deities, fully approving, Brihaspati supply the want!
avs.19.58 Earth and air s middle realm have gathered, Soma, Brihaspati and Dhartar gathered vigour.
avs.20.13 [2001301] Lords of great wealth, Brihaspati and Indra, rejoicing at this sacrifice drink Soma.
avs.20.16 [2001601] Like birds who keep their watch, plashing in water, like the loud voices of the thundering rain cloud, Like merry streamlets bursting from the mountain thus to Brihaspati our hymns have sounded.
avs.20.16 As for the race, Brihaspati, nerve our coursers.
avs.20.16 [2001603] Brihaspati, having won them from the mountains, strewed down, like barley out of winnowing baskets, The vigorous, wandering cows who aid the pious, desired of all, of blameless form, well coloured.
avs.20.16 [2001604] As the Sun dews with meath the seat of Order, and casts a flam ing meteor down from heaven, So from the rock Brihaspati forced the cattle, and cleft the earth s skin as it were with water.
avs.20.16 Like the wind grasping at the cloud of Vala, Brihaspati gathered to himself the cattle.
avs.20.16 [2001606] Brihaspati, when he with fiery lightnings cleft through the weapon of reviling Vala, Consumed him as tongues eat what teeth have compassed: he threw the prisons of the red cows open.
avs.20.16 [2001607] That secret name borne by the lowing cattle within the cave Brihaspati discovered, And draye, himself, the bright kine from the mountain, like a bird s young after the eggs disclosure.
avs.20.16 Brihaspati, cleaving through with varied clamour, brought it forth like a bowl from out the timber. [p. 276]
avs.20.16 As from a joint, Brihaspati took the marrow of Vala as he gloried in his cattle.
avs.20.16 [2001610] As trees for foliage robbed by winter, Vala mourned for the cows Brihaspati had taken.
avs.20.16 They set the light in day, in night the darkness, Brihaspati cleft the rock and found the cattle.
avs.20.16 May this Brihaspati vouchsafe us fulness of life with kine and horses, men, and heroes.
avs.20.17 [2001711] Brihaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners.
avs.20.17 [2001712] Ye twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brihaspati, and thou, O Indra.
avs.20.87 [2008707] Ye twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brihaspati, and thou, O Indra
avs.20.88 [2008801] Him who with might hath propped earth s ends, who sitteth in threefold seat, Brihaspati, with thunder, Him of the pleasant tongue have ancient sages, deep thinking,.
avs.20.88 Brihaspati, who pressed around us Preserve, Brihaspati, the stall uninjured,r,this company s raining.
avs.20.88 [2008803] Brihaspati, from thy remotest distance have they sat down who love the law eternal.
avs.20.88 [2008804] Brihaspati, when first he had his being from mighty splendour in supremest heaven.
avs.20.88 Brihaspati thundering drave forth the cattle, the lowing cows who make oblations ready.
avs.20.88 Brihaspati, may we be lords of riches, with noble progeny and, store of heroes.
avs.20.89 [2008911] Brihaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above and from below, from sinners.
avs.20.90 [2009001] Served with oblations, first born, mountain render, Angiras Son, Brihaspati the holy.
avs.20.90 [2009002] Brihaspati who made for such a people wide room and verge when Gods were invocated Slaying his foe he breaketh down their cattles, quelling his enemies and those who hate him.
avs.20.90 [2009003] Brihaspati in war hath won rich treasures, hath won, this God, the great stalls filled with cattle.
avs.20.90 Striving to win waters and light, resistless, Brihaspati with light ning smites the foeman.
avs.20.91 [2009103] Girt by his friends who cried with swanlike voices, bursting the stoney barriers of the prison, Brihaspati spake in thunder to the cattle, and uttered praise and.
avs.20.91 Brihaspati, seeking light amid the darkness, draye forth the bright cows: three he made apparent.
avs.20.91 Brihaspati discovered, while he thundered like Dyaus, the dawn,.
avs.20.91 Brihaspati with wild boars strong and mighty sweating with heat hath gained a rich possession.
avs.20.91 Brihaspati freed the radiant cows with comrades self yoked,.
avs.20.91 Brihaspati the victor.
avs.20.91 [2009110] When he had won him strength of every nature and gone to heaven and its most lofty mansions, [p. 337] Men praised Brihaspati the mighty, bringing the light within their mouths from sundry places.
avs.20.94 [2009411] Brihaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners! May Indra from the front and from the centre, as friend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom.
avs.20.96 Through hundred lived oblation Indra, Agni, Brihaspati, Savitar yield him for a hundred!
avs.20.137 [2013709] And then the drop in Ansumati s bosom, splendid with light, assumed its proper body; And Indra with Brihaspati to aid him, conquered the godless tribes that came against him.

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