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avs.2.6 [0200603] These Brahmans have elected thee, O Agni: be thou propitious in our sacred chamber.
avs.4.15 [0401513] They who lay quiet for a year, the Brahmans who fulfil their vows.
avs.4.34 [0403408] I part this Odana among the Brahmans, Vishtari, conquering worlds and reaching heaven.
avs.5.18 The wickedness of oppressing and robbing Brahmans
avs.5.18 [0501807] The fool who eats the Brahmans food and thinks it pleasant to the taste, Eats, but can never digest, the cow that bristles with a hundred barbs,
avs.5.18 [0501809] Keen arrows have the Brahmans, armed with missiles: the shaft, when they discharge it, never faileth.
avs.5.19 The wickedness of robbing or insulting Brahmans
avs.5.19 [0501912] Oppressor of the Brahmans! thus the Gods have spoken and declared, The step effacing wisp they bind upon the dead shall be thy couch.
avs.5.19 [0501913] Oppressor of the Brahmans! tears wept by the man who suffers wrong, These are the share of water which the Gods have destined to be thine.
avs.6.12 [0601202] With this, discovered in the days of old by Brahmans, Rishis, Gods, With this I ward thy poison off, thou Biter! formed and form ing now.
avs.6.13 [0601303] Worship to thy physicians, to thy sorcerers be worship paid! Death! let this reverence be done unto thy Brahmans and thy roots.
avs.6.122 [0612205] These women here, cleansed, purified, and holy, I place at rest singly, in hands of Brahmans.
avs.7.97 [0709702] With kine connect us, and with spirit, Indra! Lord of Bay Steeds, with princes and with favour, With the God destined portion of the Brahmans, and the good will of Gods who merit worship.
avs.9.4 [0900419] He who hath given away the Bull to Brahmans frees and cheers his soul.
avs.9.10 [0901027] Speech hath been measured out in four divisions: the Brahmans who have wisdom comprehend them.
avs.10.5 [1000541] I turn me unto Brahmans. May they etc. [p. 16]
avs.10.10 [1001033] He who hath given a Cow unto the Brahmans winneth all the worlds.
avs.11.1 Made pure with Soma rest within the Brahmans: let not thine eaters, Rishis sons, be injured.
avs.11.1 [1100127] Here I set singly in the hands of Brahmans these cleansed and.
avs.11.1 [1100128] Here is my gold, a light immortal: ripened grain from the field this Cow of Plenty give me! [p. 44] This wealth I place among the Brahmans, making a path that leads to heaven among the Fathers.
avs.12.2 Do that which is delightful to the Fathers, Brahmans, and your selves.
avs.12.4 On the duty of giving cows to Brahmans, and the sin and danger of withholding the gift
avs.12.4 [1200410] For Gods and Brahmans is the Cow produced when first she springs to life, Hence to the priests must she be given: this they call guarding private wealth.
avs.12.4 [1200412] He who withholds the Cow of Gods from Rishis sons who ask the gift Is made an alien to the Gods, and subject to the Brahmans wrath:
avs.12.4 [1200414] Like a rich treasure stored away in safety is the Brahmans Cow.
avs.12.4 [1200415] So when the Brahmans come unto the Cow they come unto their own.
avs.12.4 He, Narads! would know the Cow, then Brahmans must be sought unto.
avs.12.4 [1200421] Withholding her from Brahmans, he incurs the anger of the beasts, When mortal man appropriates the destined portion of the Gods.
avs.12.4 [1200422] If hundred other Brahmans beg the Cow of him who owneth her, The Gods have said, She, verily, belongs to him who knows the truth.
avs.12.4 [1200425] The Cow deprives of progeny and makes him poor in cattle who Retains in his possession her whom Brahmans have solicited.
avs.12.4 [1200426] For Agni and for Soma, for Kama, Mitra and Varuna, For these the Brahmans ask: from these is he who giveth not estranged.
avs.12.4 [1200448] This Brahmans! is your sacrifice: thus should one think when he is asked, What time they beg from him the Cow fearful in the with holder s house.
avs.12.4 Wronger of Gods and Brahmans he departs, dishonest, from the world.
avs.12.5 On the duty of giving cows to Brahmans, and the sin and danger of withholding the gift
avs.12.5 [1200517] Therefore the Brahmans cow is held inviolable by the wise.
avs.12.5 [1200538] The Brahman s cow when eaten cuts off the injurer of Brahmans both from this world and from the world yonder.
avs.12.5 [1200541] Having become Flesh eating Agni the Brahman s cow entereth into and devoureth the oppressor of Brahmans.
avs.12.5 [1200560] O Cow, break thou the head of him who wrongs the Brahmans, criminal, niggard, blasphemer of the Gods.
avs.12.5 [1200563] Consume thou, even from the root, the Brahmans tyrant, god like Cow!
avs.12.5 [1200565] So, Goddess Cow, do thou from him, the Brahmans tyrant, criminal, niggard, blasphemer of the Gods,
avs.14.1 Of him whom Brahmans truly know as Soma never mortal eats.
avs.14.1 [1400116] Two wheels of thine the Brahmans know, Surya! according to their times.
avs.14.1 [1400139] Hither let Brahmans bring her bathing water; let them draw such as guards the lives of heroes.
avs.18.3 [1800355] What wound soever the dark bird hath inflicted, the emmet, or the serpent, or the jackal, May Agni who devoureth all things heal it, and Soma, who hath passed into the Brahmans.
avs.19.34 [1903406] Three times the Gods engendered thee fixt on the surface of the earth; The Brahmans of the olden time knew that thy name was Angiras;
avs.19.35 Even this which Gods and Brahmans made a malice quelling sure defence.
avs.19.59 [1905902] When, ignorant, we violate the statutes of you, O Deities, with whom is knowledge, Wise Agni shall correct our faults and failings, and Soma who hath entered into Brahmans.
avs.20.3 [2000303] We Soma bearing Brahmans call thee Soma drinker with thy friend, We, Indra, who have pressed the juice.
avs.20.38 [2003803] We, Soma bearing Brahmans, call thee, Soma drinker, with thy friend, We, Indra, bringing juice expressed.

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