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avs.10.2 [1000221] He, Brahma gains the learned priest, he Brahma, gains this Lord Supreme.
avs.10.2 As Brahma, Man wins Agni here Brahma hath measured out the year.
avs.10.2 [1000223] Brahma inhabits with the Gods, Brahma among the Heavenly Tribes.
avs.10.2 Brahma this other star is called.
avs.10.2 Brahma is called the Real Power.
avs.10.2 [1000225] By Brahma was this earth disposed: Brahma is sky arranged above.
avs.10.2 Brahma is this expanse of air lifted on high and stretched across.
avs.10.2 He who knows Brahma s cattle, yea, the fort whence Purusha is named,
avs.10.2 [1000229] Yea, knows that fort of Brahma girt about with immortality, Brahma and Brahmas have bestowed sight, progeny, and life on him.
avs.10.2 [1000230] Sight leaves him not, breath quits not him before life s natural decay, Who knows the fort of Brahma, yea, the fort whence Purusha is named.
avs.10.2 [1000232] Men deep in lore of Brahma know that Animated Being which Dwells in the golden treasure chest that hath three spokes and three supports.
avs.10.2 [1000233] Brahma hath passed within the fort, the golden castle; never subdued, Bright with excessive brilliancy, compassed with glory round about.
avs.10.7 [1000710] Who out of many, tell me, is that Skambha in whom men recognize the Waters, Brahma, In whom they know the worlds and their enclosures, in whom are non existence and existence?
avs.10.7 [1000717] They who in Purusha understand Brahma know Him who is.
avs.10.7 [1000732] Be reverence paid to him, that highest Brahma, whose base is Earth, his belly Air, who made the sky to be his head. [p. 24]
avs.10.7 [1000733] Homage to highest Brahma, him whose eye is Surya and the Moon who groweth young and new again, him who made Agni for his mouth.
avs.10.7 [1000734] Homage to highest Brahma, him whose two life breathings were the Wind, The Angirases his sight: who made the regions be his means of sense.
avs.10.7 [1000736] Homage to highest Brahma, him who, sprung from Fervour and from toil, Filled all the worlds completely, who made Soma for himself alone.
avs.10.8 [1000801] Worship to loftiest Brahma, Lord of what hath been and what shall be, To him who rules the universe, and heavenly light is all his own!
avs.10.8 [1000819] By truth he blazes up aloft by Brahma, he looks down below: He breathes obliquely with his breath, he on whom what is.
avs.10.10 [1001019] From Brahma s summit there went forth a drop that mounted up on high: From that wast thou produced, O Cow, from that the Hotar sprang to life.
avs.11.3 Of that Odana Brihaspati is the head, Brahma the mouth.
avs.11.3 With Brahma as mouth.
avs.11.5 [1100505] The Brahmachari, earlier born than Brahma, sprang up through Fervour, robed in hot libation.
avs.11.5 From him sprang heavenly lore, the highest Brahma, and all the Gods, with life that lasts for ever. [p. 56]
avs.11.5 He makes this all his own as knowing Brahma.
avs.11.5 The Brahma chari enters them through Fervour.
avs.11.5 The Brahma that is stored within the Brahmachari guards them all.
avs.11.5 From that sprang heavenly lore, the loftiest Brahma, and all the Gods with, life that lasts for ever.
avs.11.5 [1100524] The Brahmachari wields the radiant Brahma wherein all Gods are woven close together; Creating breath, inhaling and exhaling, voice, mind, and heart, Brahma and holy wisdom.
avs.11.7 [1100704] The firm, the fast, the strong, the hard, Brahma, the All creating Ten.
avs.11.8 [1100802] Fervour and Action were the two, in depths of the great billowy sea? These were the wooers of the bride; Brahma the chief who courted her.
avs.11.8 Viraj with Brahma at her side: Brahma into the body passed: Prajapati is Lord thereof.
avs.11.10 [1101009] By that same binding treaty which thou madest, Brihaspati! with Indra! and with Brahma, By Indra s pledge I bid the Gods come hither.
avs.12.1 [1200101] Truth, high and potent Law, the Consecrating Rite, Fervour, Brahma, and Sacrifice uphold the Earth.
avs.12.1 [1200129] I speak to Prithivi the purifier, to patient Earth who groweth strong through Brahma.
avs.12.5 [1200504] Brahma her guide, the Brahman her lord and ruler;
avs.13.1 Singing, they hymn the Calf, with gifts of butter: him who is Brahma they exalt with Brahma.
avs.14.1 [1400154] May Indra Agni, Heaven Earth, Matarisvan, may Mitra Varuna, Bhaga, both the Asvins, Brihaspati, the host of Maruts, Brahma, and Soma magnify this dame with offspring.
avs.19.9 [1900911] Rudras and Vasus favour us, Adityas, Agnis favour us! Favour us mighty Rishis, Gods, Goddesses, and Brihaspati! [1900912] Brahma, Dhatar, Prajapati, Worlds, Vedas, Agnis, Rishis Seven. [p. 220] All these have blessed my happy way.
avs.19.9 May Indra be my guardian, may Brahma protect and shelter me.
avs.19.19 [1901907] Brahma arose with the Brahmacharis.
avs.19.22 A prose hymn of homage to various portions of the Atharva veda, to the Rishis, and to Brahma
avs.19.22 [1902220] To Brahma, Hail!
avs.19.22 [1902221] Collected manly powers are topped by Brahma.
avs.19.22 Brahma at first spread out the loftiest heaven.
avs.19.22 Brahma was born first of all things existing.
avs.19.22 Who then is meet to be that Brahma s rival?
avs.19.23 [1902329] Hail to Brahma!
avs.19.23 [1902330] Collected manly powers are topped by Brahma.
avs.19.23 Brahma at first spread out the loftiest heaven.
avs.19.23 Brahma was born first of all things existing.
avs.19.23 Who then is fit to be this Brahma s rival?
avs.19.42 In praise of Brahma, Prayer, or Devotion
avs.19.42 [1904201] Brahma is Hotar, sacrifice: with Brahma are the stakes set up.
avs.19.42 From Brahma was the Adhvaryu born, from Brahma hidden offering.
avs.19.42 [1904202] Brahma is fatness dropping scoops: with Brahma was the altar reared. [p. 245] Brahma is worship, lengthened rite, the Rishis who pay sacrifice, the victim s Immolators.
avs.19.43 In praise of Brahma, Prayer, or Devotion
avs.19.43 [1904301] Whither men versed in Brahma go, with fervour and the cleans ing rite, Thither let Agni lead me, let Agni give me intelligence, All hail to Agni!
avs.19.43 Thither let Brahma lead me, let Brahma give Brahma unto me.
avs.19.43 All hail to Brahma!
avs.19.53 [1905308] Kala embraces Holy Fire, the Highest, Brahma in himself.
avs.19.53 He, Kala, having now become Brahma, holds Parameshthin up. [p. 255]
avs.19.54 [1905401] From Kala sprang the Waters, sprang the regions, Brahma, Holy Fire.
avs.19.54 [1905406] Yea, having conquered all the worlds by Brahma, Kala as God Supreme is supplicated.
avs.19.71 Go ye to Brahma s world having enriched me with life and breath, with children and with cattle, with fame and wealth, and with a Brahman s lustre.
avs.19.72 Wrought is the sacrifice by power of Brahma.

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