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avs.11.2 [1100202] Cast not our bodies to the dog or jackal, nor, Lord of Beasts! to carrion kites or vultures.
avs.11.2 [1100205] Homage, O Bhava, Lord of Beasts, unto thy face and all thine eyes, To skin, and hue, and aspect, and to thee when looked at from behind!
avs.11.2 [1100209] Four times, eight times be homage paid to Bhava, yea, Lord of Beasts, ten times be reverence paid thee! Thine are these animals, five several classes, oxen, and goats and sheep, and men, and horses
avs.11.2 Favour us, Lord of Beasts, to thee be homage! Far from us go ill omens, dogs, and jackals, and wild haired women with their horrid shrieking!
avs.11.2 Lord of Beasts, be not wroth with us.
avs.11.2 Floods, Lord of Beasts! contain thy living beings: to swell thy strength flow the celestial Waters.
avs.11.6 [1100609] Bhava and Sarva we address, and Rudra who is Lord of Beasts, Their arrows which we feel and know: may they be ever kind to us.

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