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avs.15.2 In the eastern region Faith is his leman, the hymn his panegyrist, knowledge his vesture, day his turban, night his hair, Indra s two Bays his circular ornaments, the splendour of the stars his jewel.
avs.15.2 In the southern region Dawn is his leman, Mitra his panegyrist, knowledge his vesture, day his turban, night his hair, Indra s two Bays are his circular ornaments, New Moon Night and Full Moon Night are his running attendants, Mind, etc.
avs.20.12 [2001203] The Bays, the booty seeking car I harness: my prayers have reached him who accepts them gladly.
avs.20.23 [2002308] O thou to whom thy Bays are dear, loose not thy horses far from us: Here glad thee, Indra, Lord Divine.
avs.20.31 [2003101] These two dear Bays bring hither Indra on his car, thunder armed, joyous, meet for laud, to drink his fill.
avs.20.31 drops have urged the swift Bays to the Strong.
avs.20.32 [2003203] Juices aforetime, Lord of Bays, thou drankest, and thine, and only thine, is this libation.
avs.20.38 [2003802] O Indra, let thy long maned Bays, yoked by prayer, bring thee hitherward.
avs.20.56 [2005603] When war and battles are on foot, booty is laid before the bold. [p. 310] Yoke thou thy wildly rushing Bays.
avs.20.59 Him who is Indra, Lord of Bays, no foes subdue.
avs.20.86 fleet friendly Bays who joy together. [p. 332] Mounting thy firm and easy car, O Indra, wise and all knowing come thou to the Soma.
avs.20.117 [2011701] Drink Soma, Lord of Bays, and let it cheer thee: Indra, the stone, like a well guided courser, Directed by the presser s arms hath pressed it.
avs.20.117 [2011702] So let the draught of joy, thy dear companion, by which, O Lord of Bays, thou slayest foemen, Delight thee, Indra, Lord of princely treasures.
avs.20.128 [2012815] They said to Auchchaihsravasa running as side horse of the Bays, Safely to victory, O Steed, bear Indra with the beauteous wreath.

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