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avs.6.55 [0605502] Maintain us in well being Summer, Winter Dew time and Spring, Autumn, and Rainy Season Give us our share of cattle and of Children.
avs.8.2 [0800222] To Autumn we deliver thee, to Winter, Spring and Summer s care.
avs.9.8 [0900806] The malady whose awful look makes a man quiver with alarm, Fever whom every Autumn brings we charm away with this our spell. [p. a380]
avs.15.3 [1500304] Two of its feet were Summer and Spring, and two were Autumn and the Rains.
avs.15.4 [1500404] They made the two Autumn months his protectors from the northern region, and Syaita and Naudhasa superintendents.
avs.15.4 The two Autumn months.
avs.19.34 [1903410] Lumbago and rheumatic pain, consumptive cough, and pleurisy, And fever which each Autumn brings, may Jangida make powerless.

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